Miley Cyrus Likes Sexting Liam Hemsworth

Miley Cyrus is wild, you guys! Okay, at least act surprised!

According to reports, Miley has been sending sexts to ex-boyfriend, Liam Hemsworth. Even though we were pretty sure that she had most recently allowed Avan Jogia to slobber all over her on her birthday.

Miley Cyrus turned eighteen on November 23rd and has been upping the ante on her antics. She was recently seen in Madrid, Spain, with a beer in hand. And nevermind the countless times that she’s done some nasty ho stuff already.

Earsucker reports:

aAccording to Zack Taylor, Miley and Liam have been sexting a lot lately and may even get back together as a couple soon. A source said, “She loves Liam and they can’t get enough of each other. I know they sext talk all the time and Miley has been finding other guys to be quite boring. She has a lot of personal issues going on, but I know she would love to try dating Liam again after everything.”

Either way, it’s not really that much of a surprise as to how she spends her time. There isn’t really much she could do that would shock us these days. Unless, of course, she poses for “Playboy”.

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