Johnny Depp Trying To Hook Up With Kristen Stephenson-Pino?

Johnny Depp and his girlfriend Vanessa Paradis have been together for twelve years, but one girl says that didn’t stop him from trying to hook up with her.

The girl, Kristen Stephenson-Pino, said that Johnny was all flirty with her on the set of “Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides” and even asked her to come back to his trailer.

Kristen says that Johnny lavished attention on her during filming, calling her “exquisite” and telling her “you’re by far the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen”. Afterward, he allegedly invited her back to his trailer!

She said, “It was one-on-one. I was in there for a few hours, and that’s, like, everyone’s ideal lover boy. He’s just the whole package!”

A snitch on the set of the “POTC” movie said, “The wardrobe department needed to make the perfect breast model for the voluptuous mermaid costumes” and Kristen was chosen. The spy also claimed that Johnny watched the whole time as she undressed. The spy said, “He watched them do the molds.”

She even joked around with Johnny about a threesome with Orlando Bloom. She said, “I was like, ‘I’ll take you and Orlando Bloom! That’s the only way you can get me.’ He starts laughing and goes, ‘Honey, no, no, no, no. I don’t share with anybody. You either get me or me, and that’s it.’”

She went on to reveal that after filming moved to Los Angeles, Johnny still persisted, trying to contact her. He even asked casting directors to fly her out to the set. A source said, “Johnny’s motivations were more than clear! He wanted her with him.”

I call BS on this whole story. I’m not buying it for one minute! Are you?

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  • http://Website blanka

    Not much known about johnny it could be true if a girl came out to accuse him.

  • http://Website Anonymous

    I hope she got a lot of $ from Star because she’s going to have a hard time getting work in entertainment after this. Maybe she’s jealous – the rumors I heard were that JD was interested in the other 2 mermaids, Astrid and Gemma. And come on, you know he probably fools around when he’s away so long from his gf.

  • http://Website silly girl

    As if all breasts are the same size.

    If she’s the most beautiful girl on the planet, then why does the shape of her head look like the alien’s head on American Dad? Just sayin’

  • penny r

    this man’s been with KATE MOSS, WINONA RYDER, SHERILYN FENN and his love, VANESSA PARADIS and this girls says he told her “she’s” the most beautiful girl he’s ever seen?? HA. no way. she’s a moron.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_5YIOjyTjK0 Guy into Kristen


    Your so hot girl don’t let any of this BS get to you i think your going to make it in the entertainment industry b/c GIRL PEOPLE ARE INTERESTED!

  • http://Website rachel

    I don’t belive this..everybody say that johnny is gay and now you said all the opposite?that girl wants attention

  • http://Website good joke

    And in the end of the day, they never did hook up, right? So what is the story here? He talked to her and kissed her hand?

    Sounds like fanfic, nothing more.

  • Elos

    Haha, not trouth at all xD The rumors are always like this :p Enoying! ..

  • http://floacist.tumblr.com angela

    Who is this “everybody”? LMAO I have never even heard of that from anyone.

    I can’t believe people are even entertaining this story.

  • http://Website connri

    What a crock! This idiot sells two pictures to Star magazine (one fake) and then creates a story about them. Real great way to keep your career going. She will NEVER work in Hollywood after this. Take my word for it.

  • http://Website Pocky

    Who in the hell tries to BS Johnny Depp?! And even if he did flirt with her it does not mean they went all the way. Don’t read into it when there is nothing to read.

  • http://Website FamilyFriend

    Ok connri, you’re seriously delusional. She’s been modeling and acting INTERNATIONALLY since she was THREE and you’re saying she’ll NEVER work in Hollywood? HA, I can’t wait until she makes it big and your feel like shit. And her pictures definitely were not fake, none of them were, so unless you’re some sort of computer photoshop wiz, shut your mouth.


  • http://Website Joan Durtz

    She ain’t all that!

  • http://GOKRISTEN!!!(KRIS10) STAR

    To all you people that support this up and coming STAR KRISTEN STEPHENSONPINO (KRIS10)… Here is another article to eat your hearts out. No Doubt that STAR twisted words and Johnny respected her. I would love to see Johnny and this gorgeous model in a movie sometime. She’s the next Angelina Joleen!

  • http://Website upisdownfan

    Maybe she misunderstood his role as Captain Jack… These sentences could be said by him, but not from Johnny as himself ha ha ha