First Look: Nicole Richie’s Wedding (Photos)

German magazine In, published a plethora of images from the fabled wedding which took place this past weekend.

I’ve got to say, the former wild child and Paris Hilton BFF cleans up beautifully. She looks absolutely amazing. Like WOW!

The super-private affair took place this past Saturday in Los Angeles, and a mere 130 guests were invited to attend.

Among the guests were the bride’s father Lionel Richie, and an elephant. Wait… did I just say elephant? Um… yeah… ok… The event took place at Richie’s estate.

Notably absent from the guest roster was Paris Hilton. I guess Nicole didn’t want a fame-sucking-camera-hog stealing her spotlight? Can’t say I blame her.

Congratulations to the happy couple, I wish them a long and happy life together. Let’s hope these two make it!

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image credits “fan site” via “too fab

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