Demi Lovato’s Boob Photo Scandal

If you didn’t get enough of Disney scandals, here’s another one for ya. Apparently, Demi Lovato had a racy photo of herself taken, where some chick is trying to show off her boobs.

Will that take your mind off of Miley’s bong scandal?

What is going on in this photo??? You might recognize Demi’s backup dancer, Alex Welch, AKA the girl the Demi punched, as well as some random dude in the background making a weird face.

The photo was rumored to have been taken over the summer. Are their any Disney alumni who aren’t trying to show off body parts to get a more adult image?

There is Selena Gomez…Hopefully she won’t ruin the good thoughts that we still have about her….I hope….

And why does this feel like it’s becoming a contest to see who can leak the raciest photos?

Update: There are other photos that have just leaked! Check ‘em out!

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  • JG

    Is this even Demi?

  • http://Website BOB

    it looks photoshopped

  • http://Website Lee

    I feel lyk crying nw coz i love her so much.is ths even real? No waaaay!

  • http://Website MAY


  • http://Website Tom Thorn

    It is real you have chloe oring is the girl taking the photo and there are pictures of her and demi on her old twitter. As well as the ugly ging who got ko’d. no one is so sad that they would take this much time to do this. the guy in the back is fake though

  • http://Website Zippy

    Yes, this is real and there are more that are being leaked. Dani Vitale is the dancer ‘pawing’ Demi. Girls just messing around I reckon. They were rehearsing for tour!

  • http://Website jayjay

    omg honestly who cares what pictures she takes its not like shes naked. people take funny pictures with their friends all the time i know i do and im not famous so they arent on the internet…honestly i think alex welch put this up bc she is hating on demi. people need to relax.

  • http://twitter.com/_welovejobros samantha

    demis hot. what’s the big deal? she has a nice body :P she should be able to show it off. the pics really are not that big of a deal!

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  • http://allieiswired.com mike

    WAWAWAWAWAWAWAWAWAWAWAWA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Need I say more?

  • http://Website Me

    Yes they are real,and there are so many pics like this on ocean up.but wtf is wrong with paps!leave her alone

  • http://Website Sam

    So photoshopped. Why must people make and post such lies?

    Demi doesn’t even have big boobs. Tipoff #1

  • http://Website liz

    boob scandal..really? this is so retarded and no it will not take my mind of miley’s bong scandal so stop writing stupid articles about demi we all know about miley allready stop trying to put the attention back on demi when she isnt even around to defend herself



  • Roberta

    Aww poor Demi Lovato….she shouldn’t take photos like this if she didn’t trust the source…heh

  • http://Website Andy

    I’m actually getting really tired of people saying “it’s no big deal, let them do what they want”. They have a job with the Disney Channel. They get millions of dollars every year to be representatives of the Disney Channel. They have a responsibility to the company and the fans. If they can’t handle the pressure of being a good role model, they should quit their jobs and work for someone else. Because this is getting rediculous. I’ll let Demi slide on this one, because this is the first real controversy for her, but if it continues, these girls need to smarted up, or get off the channel.

  • http://Website Stephanie

    Im a big demi lovato fan ive been to like about 15 of her concerts but im just here to leave this comment cuz i think everyone should check this out…u notice the black hat on demi ..its like a cowgirl hat right ? Well if you go on google and type these simple words : demi lovato at urban outfitters …scroll down and try to find the picture where she has like a grey scarf on and a black hat if u find it i think that you will belive that these pictures are real cuz i think they are real just look very closley they are the same hats ….like i said im a big demi lovato fan and she is my role model just because she does things likes this it doesnt mean i am ….she is a teenage girl that is still learning the values of life ….what do u think ? Agree or do u disagree?

  • http://Website AndySTFU

    “I’m actually getting really tired of people saying “it’s no big deal, let them do what they want”.”

    Andy you’re a moron. It is no big deal and they should be allowed to do what they want in private. As long as it’s not hurting anyone. Spare me your self ritcheous bull crap.

    “They have a job with the Disney Channel.”


    “They get millions of dollars every year to be representatives of the Disney Channel.”

    You’re either clueless or you’re still stuck in your “I love jebus” mentality. In case you haven’t noticed, Disney has CHANGED a lot since then. They’ve changed their audience and realize that the “princess” phase is dying out. You honestly think disney gives a rats ass about IMAGE? Look who they employed for them. Miley Cyrus, Vanessa Hudgens, they’;re in the entertainment industry you dumb ass. Get a friggin clue.

    “They have a responsibility to the company and the fans.”

    Actually the have a responsibility TO the company REVENUE. Which is why they are still employed.

    “If they can’t handle the pressure of being a good role model, they should quit their jobs and work for someone else.”

    Hate to break it to you schelp rock but being a good role model doesn;t mean being all sunshine and rainbows 24/7. It also means making mistakes and showing people that you’re just like them and you make mistakes like anyone else. Being a role model means to get back on the right path when you’ve taken a detour.

    “Because this is getting rediculous.”

    No, what’s RIDICULIOUS is your impossible expectations for these kids. Just because they work for disney means that they cant have private lives or make mistakes? Get the fuck out of here with your holier than thou BS.

    “I’ll let Demi slide on this one, because this is the first real controversy for her, but if it continues, these girls need to smarted up, or get off the channel.”

    Oh please, spare me your biblical holier than thou bible hugging mentality and grow a brain you dumb ass. Times are changing and so are the expectations of people. If you can;’t handle it, do the world a favor and put a pistol in your mouth.

  • http://Website Dan

    who cares she is hot

  • http://Website Bobert

    omfg i fucking love the guy in the background
    I still love demi <3
    who hasn't taken a picture like this?

    Lol i just love that guy…

  • http://Website bobert

    Ill bet Joe wants her back now! wahahahaha!
    And I agree with @Stephanie

  • http://Website CaptainOAmerica

    The expression on the dude face is priceless. It’s like (I want some of that to), lol, but back to the serious side. Every good girl has a wild side, but just like Miley, people will still buy her stuff, and support her regardless of this. Disney breeds this smut, and won’t be the last.

  • http://Website Susanna

    i dont care wat d public does 2 get atention but i love demi wid all my heart say watevr u want…. evry1 makes mistakes… EVERYONE… so just coz sum1 wants 2 get fame they just DEFAME. it isnt proper… ppl r jealous of her n they just wana scandalize her… this crap is all photoshopped… and d person who photoshopped it is really corrupted coz look at d way they r posin… demi has so many young fans… im one 11 yr old.. u wana corrupt em all?

  • http://hotmail.com Charli

    What I dont understand is why people are makinga big deal out of these pics I actually think their good. And i f a noral tennage girl did these it wouldnt be a big deal anyway

  • http://demilovatoboopphotoscandal kelly

    OMG !!!!! so you guys are saying nothing about demi’s big scandal and about miley you built a bigg story like she is the first bad girl. i love miley forever and always and demi i was in love with you but now i’m sorry but i hate yo love miley and selena always

  • http://Website -_-

    first Britney.. Then Lindsay.. Then Miley..
    And now Demi?
    l I think Selena & Taylor are the only one who has not gone crazy.

    but to be honest.. is this photo real??

  • http://Website Destanie and monique

    Whoever likes selena is a retard first of all she sings horrible second she is ugly third she never shows love and respect for her fans …i lost my respect for her a long time ago she is just reatarded …everyone please stop saying bad things about demi i bet u everyone thinks she is nasty but she is a teenager and teens make mistakes all the time and the only way they will find out to stop is until they do it … Demi is very pretty and talented so leave her alone haterz

  • http://Website Stephanie

    Thx bobert for agreeing with me ….so people are still fussing about these pics thats demi and if ur just here to talk trash about her then stop looking at this …ur probly just on this to see what the whole boob scandal is about u perves bye…im not wasting my time on this anymore …i <3 demi ….bye peepz

  • http://Website ..

    u ppl say it doesnt matter but this girl has family issues and all this other shit going on .. its even sure its her life and all that but then again she has a reputation and she is a role model to younger people so is it okay for a 10 year old to do this ??? no so its even really but who cares its not our life its hers

  • http://yahoo aliya


  • dino

    SO what!! she’s growing up. She’s a beautiful girl and it’s not like it’s X rated.. She’s wearing nothing that is different than what people would wear at a swimming pool..

  • radiii

    i really love demi.But i think when she s get out from that hospital,that she s have to make public exuse,and she have to said if she s on this pics!!!!!!!!

  • kelsey

    love the photobomb dude in the corner hahaha

  • http://Website Peggy

    No different from the movie Burlesque

  • http://Website Ricaa

    soo i just find it odd looking at the pic .. i makes me uncomfortable.. but ive seen worse , its weird because that girl is like looking down her shirt… if she wasn looking down he shirt it wouldnt be weird…

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  • http://Website DS

    OMG a Disney girl has developed Breast!! I have that Top, it’s a lace midriff and she has hipster jeans. I went to catholic school; , we did this jokingly,and we are all still straight. Just give it a rest. AS for Demi Punching someone, maybe the girl did something she deserved to be punched. If you can’t take the heat, don’t provoke it.

  • Aly

    This is so photoshopped! Someone just put her face on someone else’s body, cus Demi is pretty thin and not like that! even though that’s not big or anything, but Demi’s a little more thin than this photoshopped pic

  • http://Website Buddy

    Is that Hayley Williams in the corner?

  • http://Website -_0

    i don’t know what to say O.o

  • Ashlynn

    That looks like Hayley Williams in the corner! :o

    But anyway..
    All these Disney stars are really messin’ themselves.
    Lindsay Lohan, Miley Cyrus..
    Even Hilary Duff is starting to take a turn!
    I didn’t even THINK Demi was going to be one of those girls!

  • http://myspace.com kitty

    r u sure thats demi demis boobs arent that big

  • http://Website jj

    she is pushing her boobs up that’s why.

    lol, Hilary did not say she was sending nude pics and plus she’s married etc. You can’t count her plus she is sane and normal.

    I just heard Selena doesn’t have her purity ring anymore uh oh D: and Taylor is dating Jake..yikes no one left!

  • http://Msn.com sam

    So what shes hot and who cares

  • http://msn.com sam

    Like i said who cares plus she doesnt want to be like venessa

  • http://Website madison

    omg! i cant believe this is real! ive been a huge fan of her since the first camp rock movie showed on disney channel! its like Selena Gomez, and Taylor Swift are the only celebs thats not doing this stuff!!!! its just gross what celebs do these days! i feel like vometing! In the picture, shes being like Brittney Spears, Vanessa Hudgen, Lindsey Lohan, and Miley Cyrus!I hope she doesnt fully expose herself like Vanessa Hudgens did. i hope the tape isnt real and the pictures and rumors are fake, cuz i dont want to see demi becoming like this. but if she keeps doing this and it she goes too far, i hope she doesnt get pregnant before marriage.

    and that dude in the back looks weird, creepy, and funny at the same time. lol

    and why was she trying to push her boobs up, i dont wanna see it!!!! GROSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And Demi punching someone, thats what bullies do, i hope thats not true cuz i dont want her to become like other snotty celebs.

  • http://Msn Sam

    Omfg i just saw demi naked

  • http://aol Dan

    You are hot Demi and your boobs

  • Jessi

    ok why is everybody talking about demi in this picture .. debby ryan is the one taking the picture .. atleast it looks a hell of alot like her .. and she is on disney NOW .. demi has moved on ..