Lady Gaga Does Yoga In Panties – Photos

Lady Gaga dropped by her old Bikram Yoga instructor on September 10th to have a fierce workout — in her panties!

The instructor, Tricia Donegan, didn’t recall ever teaching Gaga, but her memory was jarred when Gaga reminded her of a time she came to her before she was famous.

Lady Gaga Does Yoga In Panties - Photos

Tricia said, “She said, ‘Don’t you remember me? You are one of my favorite teachers.’ Gaga said to me, ‘To jog your memory, I confided in you and cried in your lap about a food problem I was having.’ She told me I had talked to her about the proper hydration and proper nutrition necessary to having enough energy and strength. She said she no longer has a food problem and that I saved her life.”

Lady Gaga Does Yoga In Panties - Photos

When Tricia was asked to rate Gaga’s proficiency at Bikram Yoga, she said, “I don’t know if she’s flaming hot but she’s definitely hot. She’s not at the top of her career and she’s not at the top of her practice.”

Gaga also left this note for Tricia:


Thank you so much for today. Lately I’ve been kicking ass in yoga, but I’m excited to embark on an even deeper journey with you. You are such an inspiration. I will be back soon. W more hydration + sleep. Yoga heals me + so do you.


Lady Gaga

source: Lady Gaga Hits Lower East Side Bikram Yoga Studio in Hot Outfit – [dnainfo]

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