Justin Bieber Won’t Date His Fans

Previously, teen singer Justin Bieber has said that he wouldn’t mind dating one of his many Beliebers, but now, it’s a completely different story. Justin has vowed to never date a fan, because he says they can be too adoring.

Justin Bieber Won't Date His Fans

Justin says that he’s looking for a girlfriend, but won’t date a fan because he’s worried she wouldn’t like him for himself and not just his fame.

He said, “There are so many girls who would just do anything for me because of my status. Someone told me it’s great to be with somebody who has just as much to lose as you do. Dating someone famous is probably a good idea. Because I can never date somebody who’s so in love with me that she would do anything for me.”

Recently, Justin has been rumored to be hooking up with Disney starlet Selena Gomez. It’s funny how they both just “happened” to be at the Lakers game seating next to each other. Coincidence? I think not.

What do you think of his declaration, Beliebers? Are you mad because you’ll never stand a chance with the Biebz?

source: Bieber Vows Not To Date Fans – [contact music]

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  • http://Website Name

    I thought we could make lovezy… and babies! I would have loved to have little junior Biebsy so much! But I guess Justin’s too much of a little pr ick to like a real WOMAN… he’s going for that bi tch Gomez. She’s as ugly as her name.

  • http://Website Name

    I understand i mean if i were famous id do same person

  • shaykene

    wow people thinks alot i mean…wtf why would he date selena i mean i think she would b better aw taylor luanter!!!!!!and i think way way different than JB im 4reals not like the other girl…guys say they wish they had some1 like me

  • http://Website shaylene

    haha srry tht was mine up there

  • http://Website UR MOM

    Selena is a ugly little girl, Justin is sexy. Selena is horrible at everything. I will kill selena!!

  • Lydia Clifton

    Hey, This is Justin Biebers #1 fan. think thats smart not to date a fan lol Luv Ya Justin Bieber

  • JonBrieal Banks

    Hay Im a huge Jayy Bhee fan but you know I wouldnt mind dating him.. i wouldnt dat him for his fame…I would truley like him for him…

  • http://yahoo maelahni

    i dont like you because your fame i like you because your you and jus u. sorry to hear about that.

  • andrea

    its funny how girls drool over this kid, i mean he’s just a person ? it shouldnt matter that he’s famous, people who go crazy over him are just annoying .

  • http://Website Katie

    I love Justin and Selena! Even though they’re just friends, they are so cute together! :) :)

  • http://51 miyami

    hi all?

  • http://gmail.com kayla

    i maybe a justin bieber fan but i will only date justin for who he is, i like justin for him, not the fame.i don’t care about the fame.so i truley like justin for himself

  • http://allieiswired.com kristen

    I would be the luckiest girl in the world to be justin bieber’s girlfriend omg!!! i just love him soooo much he is soooo smokin hot i like him for him he has a very good personality and can make girls smile when they look at him he is so funny and sweet if i made a wish i wish that he would be my boyfriend i would be the perfect girl for him i love you justin bieber if your reading this!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://gmail.com kayla

    i’m not too obsessed with justin, but i will still date him for him, he’s normal,funny,cute,so sweet.

  • http://justinbieber kristel

    I’m not a fan that much but I understand because people date him because they don’t love him for who he is and not for the fame

  • http://Website yanice

    I love you Justin I understand

  • Tamara

    He kinda makes it seem like he thinks that all of his fans would WAM SHABLAM instantly drop their panties for him :/

  • http://gmail.com kayla

    justin said he would date a fan, but he just wants the girl to be normal and calmed down, and not Buging him. so I’m very a calm fan.

  • http://Website Name

    i mean it’s really understandable because there are a lot of people that won’t like him for him, but that never gave any of the girls he’s looking for a chance….that really sucks..and the people that are hating on selena have some problems..she did not do anything to yall

  • princess

    justin bieber engreido y torpe creanme chicas no les importa susu fans

  • http://Website Claire

    Really Justin? All this time you’ve been making millions of girls dream of dating you, now you go and break their hearts? Personally I don’t agree with that. I’m very dissapointed in him. Just because someone’s a fan doesn’t mean she’s going to revolve her world around him and obsess over him. There are different kinds of fans and saying that all of them are using you for fame and are ‘too adoring’ is unfair.

  • alina

    hii! umm i just think that its his life and choices. but not all of his FANS are adoring, and like him for the fame. there might be alot, but not some, such as me!! when i first seen/ heard of justin, i had seen the video’s of b4 the fame. i thout he was the most cutest thing. then he became famous and i was like aww(: so maybe he should rethink about his choice. not just to say date me, but the girl he is supposed to be with might just be his fan, or juss maybe its salena, only god knows!! (:

  • http://Website jane

    oh well hes stuck up now

  • http://Website Madi

    So I’m a huge Bieber fan and all, but is it just me or did he sound stupid when he said, “I can never date somebody who’s so in love with me she would do anything for me.”
    Like isn’t that the whole point of love? I always thought being ‘in love’ with someone meant you were willing to do anything for them and you stood by them through think and thin? When did that change?

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  • clara

    wat use him for his fame!??! seriously?! which heartless girl would do such a thing? u wont get any privacy that’s not a good thing!

  • http://Website ME

    Yay! Now maybe my friends will shut up about him.

  • http://pian.us miley cyrus and nick jonas kissing

    I GOT A CRAZY IDEA FOR U, DONT DO IT ” lmaooo !!!!!

  • http://rebiya.com miley cyrus can\u0027t be tamed video

    lol i know right

  • http://Website Curious Person

    Good for you Justin Bieber. But I’m sure when you knew this would come eventually. Haha! There are going to be so many happy boyfriends as a result of your announcement. Money is nothing. All you need is family, love, food, clothing, and a shelter over your head. You can keep it all and see if you’re really happy with it in the end.

  • http://www.yahoo.com Sarah

    OmG! Justin Bieber is so seXy I mean let’s be super for realz here, he is the sexiest that they come. I would so date, him because, obviously, I’m not a creepy fan that just wants to bone him. I want to feel loved and like totally passionate for him. He is just dreamy. See, now I want to go listen to Justin! See you soon Beebs! <3

  • http://allieiseired.com laura

    i agree justin bieber is amazing but .. i do agrree people may just like him for his fame … butt i love justin bieber sooo soo much ‘i love his singings i dont love him ..because i dont noo him in person ‘from what i know he looks sooo lovely .ide do absolutly anythin too meet him.. i dont want him ass a boy friend hes too perfect !! iff i ever gott to know him !!i would make sure we stayfriend .. because friend is alott better then ruewining thins …<3

  • http://allieiswierd.com laura

    and please stopp skitting selena gomezz because she is beautiful tooo xx