Jon Gosselin & Ellen Ross Humiliated At Taco Bell

Jon Gosselin and his girlfriend Ellen Ross have waged war on their local Taco Bell…and it’s not because those Chalupas they bought made them “run for the border”.

Apparently, after they paid and pulled around to the next window, employees recognized Jon and started making fun of him.

Jon Gosselin & Ellen Ross Humiliated At Taco Bell

Ellen filed a complaint with the fast food joint, asking for the employees involved to be canned. Lovely. In this economy? Can you imagine going to your next interview and having to explain to a potential employer that you got fired for being a douche to Jon Gosselin?!??

Check out the complaint:

Customer stated tonight, my boyfriend (Jon Gosselin from the reality show Jon & Kate Plus 8) and I came through to purchase dinner. When we pulled up to the window there were three girls inside and a man. The three girls noticed who Jon was as his phone rang and he answered (it was his attorney, coincidentally), they proceeded to laugh loudly and talk about him as if he weren’t there they said “OMG how funny, that’s him OMG, say something to him say something.” Jon put his car window up to avoid them.

Every employee inside was gathered at the window staring and talking loudly about us. When we put the window back down to get our food, one employee (she had a wrap around her head) pulled out her cell phone and held it up to us to try and take a picture, while laughing at us. No one did or said anything to stop this. It was humiliating. We are sending a certified letter complaining about the manager’s lack of professionalism and his obvious lack of control on his staff. I also want to be put in touch with the owner, and I will go to corporate to file a complaint if this problem is not addressed properly.

I expect it to be resolved immediately since there is no excuse for your employees to make a spectacle out of us for their entertainment when they need to be doing their jobs, so instead they violated our privacy. I surely hope this employee whom I see frequently (the one with the wrap) can be terminated immediately. Employees be terminated immediately or we will sue your company for taking pictures of us while we waited for our food. At this point we had already paid. I am extremely disgusted by this conduct. I have been a paying customer for years at this specific location and to your company in general. I do not deserve to be treated like this.

Jon is a regular guy now, living in the area, and does not try to stick out anymore. I expect this matter to be taken care of immediately. I plan to spread the word to my friends, family, and neighbors to not eat at this store, or any others for that matter.

So, let me get this straight. You were humiliated by some cheeseball who makes seven bucks an hour because he took pics of you using his cell phone? Obviously he doesn’t want to be low-key, considering they called Radar with their story.

What do you think? Should the employees be fired? Sound off in the comments below!

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  • http://allieiswired.com Allie

    Wow! Jon’s new girlfriend… woof!

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think they should get fired… they just laughed at a customr and took pictures… who cares who it was… they’re just a bunch of teenagers who work at a fast food restaurant… Jon and Ellen have the personal choice of never going back… Its like them requesting everyone who laughs at them to get fired… it won’t happen…

  • http://Website Name sarah

    No they don’t need to be fired they were just laughing at a cradel robber

  • http://Website strang

    Jon is a lowlife piece of carp and he and his celebrity-seeking gf should give it a rest.

  • http://Website Leyla

    Since he’s a public figure (yeeetch) he cannot ask for that kind of “privacy”. They’re only acting like jerks, they should learn how to make an honest living from those people.

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  • http://www.upskt.com Upskrt Celebs

    I wanna have sex with Kate. And make her have a ninth child.

  • http://Website anonymous

    Public figures/celebrities don’t have a right to privacy. It’s law. Nuff said.


    WOW! what a pair lol. i live in bloomington, indiana and john mellencamp is seen in public all the time and never complains when he gets his picture taken. He actually converses with his fans. NO TERMINATIONS PLEASE

  • withchildlikeglee

    Reprimanded? Yes. Definitely, that was not at all professional. But as one commenter said, most of these guys are probably teenagers, expect them to do stupid shit like that. Expect them to be excited. It’s going to be a short term fascination and they’ll move on to something better. Not only that, they’re just learning how to deal with the work place. Fired? Absolutely not! What does that teach people? Be a douche bag celebrity and people will jump up and down at your will. Oh hell no! Then everyone would be fired. Joy of joys wouldn’t that fire up our declining economy. I understand that Ellen was pissed, but come on – it was just one Taco Bell. And if they were really smart, they could have just played if off and had a little fun with it. Make people moderately like you at least rather than make people think you’re an uptight douche. I would have.

  • cecker

    Douchebags should stay home if they don’t want to be ridiculed.

  • john

    Yep, they should be fired… very unprofessional and a customer should NOT be the subject of this type of behavior…

  • http://Website Pete

    Give me a break, these two publicity hounds will do anything they can to be noticed. They called Radaronline? that is trying to be a ‘regular guy’ and stay out of the limelight? They made a big deal about this to be noticed. If I was the Taco bell owner of this franchise I would put a big sign outside..so that they notice.” We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone”
    “Banned, Jon Gosselain & any GF’s until further notice”

  • SouthernBelle

    It’s kids that work at these Taco Bell’s most of the time. I’m sure to see a “celeb” excites them and they would get a little gitty. Who cares, they are kids and being silly! Ellen is taking this personal when it’s not and she needs to put her big girl panties on and get over it!!!

  • http://Website babzc

    eating that high class dinner at taco bell, wtg jon , still behind on your child support?bwhahahaha, cant get good service at taco bell cause the kids were acting like kids, that’s what a smart person finds wrong in the world, oh yes…

  • http://Website Dandelion

    She should have someone proofread her complaint before she sends it to the media.

  • http://allieiswired.com Allie

    @Dandelion – ha, ha, ha!!!

  • Mark

    Dinner date @ Taco Bell?! Times must be hard for Jon now. I think they are just angling for free tacos on their next visit.

  • TheDude

    Another fame whore begging for her 15 minutes.

  • http://Website Rath

    Of course they shouldn’t be fired. I mean I’ve never even heard of these people. These employees go out of their way to make them feel like actual celebrities and this is the response they get? Really, Fake celebrities should be gratified when the kids at the taco bell think they’re special.

  • http://Website becca

    Who does this woman think she is? God? I think I counted 4 times where she used the word “immediately”. And her letter is just littered with other strong words like “no excuse”, “violated our privacy”, and “extremely disgusted”; its almost annoying to read it. Oh, and I love how she sent the letter certified mail. She sounds like she means business and should be taken very seriously. LOL

    NEWSFLASH: You’re at Taco Bell, lady! Not a fancy expensive restaurant. If you eat at that place, fine, but expect the service you pay for (which for Taco Bell, probably wasn’t more than $6.95 for the both of you). Don’t demand the teenage employees be fired for acting like teenagers. Weren’t you ever one? Or can you not remember that long ago?

    I think Taco Bell should file a counter suit against Ellen Ross for making the statement, “I plan to tell everyone about this matter” because she is deliberately going out of her way to negatively impact someone’s business.

  • http://www.reagroup.ie/property_and_debt_resolution.html bank and debt difficulties

    If you the fame you gotta be able to deal with the consequences!