Jasmine Waltz Calls Sex With David Arquette ‘Quick And Painless’

It’s been a while since Jasmine Waltz became the woman known as the wedge that came between David Arquette and Courteney Cox. Now, she’s come forward to talk about what banging David was like for her.

She’s trying to extend that 15 minutes, don’t you think?

In a new interview, she talked about how she hooked up with David. She said that within twenty minutes of meeting David, he’d already told her that he and Courteney were separated. She said, “I was surprised to hear that. But his friends all seemed to know about it.”

She went on to say that he seemed agitated and depressed about the breakdown of his marriage. She said, “He was beaten down. He mentioned that he hadn’t slept with anyone since separating from Courteney.”

Two nights later, she seized the opportunity to shag David in the house that he grew up in. She said, “It wasn’t bad sex, but it wasn’t emotional. It was quick and painless. Nothing exciting. When we were done, he just looked at me and said, ‘This is the first time I’ve felt like a man in a very long time.’”

Of course, before going any further with the actor, she put on her super sleuth hat to make sure he was telling the truth about his separation from his wife. She said, “I definitely got the impression that Courteney had made the decision to separate. David did not seem like the one in control of the situation. Not at all.”

So this is how she repays him for making her name a national headline? She calls him a one-hump chump? Lovely. She could’ve made him feel like more of a man, in addition to helping with further conquests by saying that sex with him was life-changing, Earth shattering and beautiful. Instead, she says “quick and painless.”

Bad mistress, no affair.

image: life&style

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