Heidi Montag & Spencer Pratt Tried To Buy Fame

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt want to come clean — for once. Either this is the most elaborate of their schemes, or they’re truly being honest. I am skeptical, as I’ve seen and heard way too much about either of these two for the past two to three years.

I’m left wondering what it’s going to take to make them go away? Bankruptcy? Leaving the country? What will do it? I can’t be the only one who’s on Speidi overload, can I?

Heidi Montag & Spencer Pratt Tried To Buy Fame

Still, Spencer opened up about his relentless quest for fame, saying that they even went as far as trying to buy theirs. In a new interview, he said, “We felt the fleetingness of 15 minutes of fame so we were trying to buy, like, …Let’s buy fame. Like if we could eat at this restaurant all the time, maybe we’ll get seen with Mel Gibson or these bigger stars. So you know, we knew our positions, so we were having basically to buy into a tax bracket we didn’t belong into.”

Acknowledging his screwups, he said, “I know it’s the dumbest thing ever spending money on things. But it’s like, if we didn’t, we wouldn’t have got this [story], or we wouldn’t have got this picture in the magazine, and then we wouldn’t be famous at all, and that’s the only thing we had going for us at the time.”

Spencer went on to reveal their spending habits, saying, “I would say we were spending more than $100,000 each month on clothes for sure. And we would only wear them once.” He said that the producers of “The Hills” would get upset if they were seen on camera wearing the same clothes twice, due to continuity problems.

ET reports:

Spencer says the pair were spending money before it even came in, and when the last ten episodes of “The Hills” didn’t get picked up, they didn’t have a back-up plan. “For me to think I was going to be famous and continue at that level of income on a steady basis, was … naive, egotistical, and just foolish,” Spencer says. Now, he says, “I can’t have a long-range plan because I’m so hated I don’t see anywhere I could go.”

When it comes to the possibility of being homeless, Spencer says, “I’m not afraid, I know it’s a reality if we didn’t have my dad letting us live in his guesthouse, Heidi and I would have no place to live so we would be homeless and we couldn’t afford [to live] anywhere.”

The twosome were set to divorce this summer, primarily because Spencer felt that his bad guy image was hurting Heidi’s potential for a good career in movies and music. He said, “As much as I love her, I was like, ‘You need to divorce me to save any chance of a career, a business for yourself.’ It’s not fair for this sweet, innocent Heidi Montag to be part of Speidi. So really I was trying to divorce Speidi…’cause you know I know I have no future career on camera, on TV, but Heidi, still to this day, I think could be the biggest actress, TV star, movie star, singer — she was born for it.”

Obviously, he hasn’t heard her music or watch her act…but that’s a matter of opinion. After all, though, he’s thankful to still have her in his life. He added, “I became this hated to buy things that I don’t even have anymore. So I have nothing to show for it. Thank everything that Heidi has stayed with me through all of this because I wake up and say, ‘At least I have Heidi. That’s the greatest thing out of all of this.’”

Do you think he’s being sincere? Or do you think, if given a second chance, he would do it all over again? Sound off in the comments below!

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    er, no offense to your extraordinary intellect but do you honestly believe people advertise their ‘bankruptcy’ & time it so all the desperate ‘rags’ report on it ?
    lying & posing is WHAT they do …
    & they will continue to do it as they have nothing else …

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