Adam Lambert Stops Fight During Concert – Video

Adam Lambert was performing his song, “If I Had You” during a recent concert in Milan, when he noticed two fans fighting in the audience.

It was then, that he stopped the show in an attempt to put a stop to the fighting.

At around 6:45 in the video below, you’ll see Adam taking a break from introducing his dancers to put a halt to fighting in the audience. Apparently two of his fans were getting into it, but Adam was having none of it.

He told them both to look at each other and say “I’m sorry” and then hug it out. He urged them both to hug and say that they’re sorry to each other, several times. He said, “I’m singing about love and these two are trying to f**k each other up.”

Check out the video, below:

Adam, always the peacemaker! There’s just one more thing to like about the guy…. Good for him. Why can’t we all just get along already?

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