The Jonas Brothers: Wine Thieves

Watch out, if you’re dining at the Figaro Cafe and the bartender takes your bottle of wine to the table where the Jonas Brothers are sitting, they’re going to drink it — and leave you with the bill!

The Jonas Brothers: Wine Thieves

According to “Daily Fill”, that’s exactly what happened! A restaurant patron ordered the bottle of wine and the staff delivered it to the wrong table. The Jonas Brothers thought it was a gift from the house and subsequently downed it.

The customer said, “The bartender took my wine to the wrong table – which happened to be the Jonas Brothers. They thought because they are celebrities the wine was brought as a gift on the house – so they drank it all. After they apologized and told me how delicious the wine was, the waitress charged me for my dinner and theirs!”

So they basically knew that they had drank the bottle of wine that she ordered and didn’t offer to pay? That’s just awful. Some celebrities, they just think because they’re famous that they shouldn’t have to pay for anything. Ugh.

What do you think? Was it wrong or just an honest mistake?

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The Jonas Brothers: Wine Thieves The Jonas Brothers: Wine Thieves The Jonas Brothers: Wine Thieves

source: The Jonas Brothers Accidentally Dine And Dash – [daily fill]

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  • http://www.twitter.com/obsessedjbx2fan Elizabeth

    It was an accident, i mean, they thought it was a gift!
    they are not thieves at all.
    it was just a misunderstanding.

  • http://allwomenstalk.com All Women Stalker

    Hahaha this is actually funny.

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