Kanye West Shows His Penis – Photo

Earlier this month, it was said that Kanye West was sending nude photos to some girls on Myspace — and now, we’ve got proof!

Apparently, one of the girls was shopping the photos around to various media outlets and Media Take Out got their hands on them. They’re pretty racy, as Kanye is showing off his penis!!

Kanye West Shows His Penis - Photo

I have to wonder how much this chick got for showing Kanye’s junk off to the internet. Hope it was a hefty sum!

The woman selling the pictures said, “These pics have been floating around since he hit so many girls up on MySpace. He probably sent them to many, many women.”

He’s such a freak! See the uncensored photos HERE.

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  • http://www.urban-nation.com Devante

    Wow is this hip hop music news story genuine? Or is it more media hype to help Kanye West sell more CDs? As he has his new album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy set to be released soon. I really hope that these photos are not genuine as I have so much respect for Kanye West and his music. Kanye Wests music videos are great too. But as a role model to young children he shouldnt be sending these types of photos out especially as a respected music artist.

  • http://allieiswired.com Renna

    he’s so dirty

  • http://Website Tee

    WOW so what who cares…It’s not the first penis to be seen and it won’t be the last. So what! I still love his music and I like him and wish him the best, because he’s just human like the rest of us. Love ya Kanye

  • http://Website daine373

    It’s a cover up to make Kanye seem straight. That nigga gay as hell.

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  • http://Website liam

    wow thit is sad.

  • http://yahoo.com kooly

    why on earth would u do that!!!!!!!!!!

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