Justin Bieber Flashes His Underwear

Justin Bieber decided to dress up as a teenage paparazzo for Halloween this year! Instead of choosing something funky, like a Snooki costume, the teen singer donned wide-rimmed glasses and carried around a camera.

Justin Bieber Flashes His Underwear

Justin appeared on the red carpet Saturday night for the premiere of “Megamind” and rocked the paparazzi look. Meanwhile, as he crouched down to snap some photos of everyone else there, he showed off a little something more than he’d planned….his underwear!

Looks like the Biebz is a fan of tighty whities! Who knew?!?? Ha. Chris Hansen, please don’t come knockin’, dude, it was only a joke.

Justin tweeted his plans on Saturday, saying, “got an early morning tomorrow and gonna hit the premiere of MEGAMIND to support WILL FERRELL!!! then off to San Diego for a show….wait…”

What do you think of Justin’s Halloween costume? Love it or hate it? Sound off in the comments below!

source: Justin Bieber is a MegaMind – [just jared jr]

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  • http://Website NameKelsey Clauson

    CommentI love Justin he is all over my walls in my room he is so cute and funny he does not smoke weed and 167 people In my local area place (the people that walked passed me) said no he dies not not who ever made that lieoooooo omg if bieber convation ginds out who u r ,,,,,……… U better move to africa!x( oh I hate u by the way (not Justin, the giy who LIED to make him feel better cause he’s so ugly) ( exept if it’s taylor launter then it’s ok;)

    Luv u justin bieber
    - Kelsey Clauson ;) <3

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  • http://Website cloclo

    Hmmmmmmmmm……….Ok ,didn’t need to know that

  • http://yahoo.com ariana smith

    what ever he was fine i wish i could meet him like every other lucky kid hes totally hot

  • http://yahoo.com Dcash

    Justin is a great guy and luvs his fans and his family… im happy my cousin is following his dream well our dream hahaha XD… btw r u sure the “tighty whities” arent boxer briefs?

  • http://x-emily-x@hotmail.co.uk emily louise

    justin is so fit i could go down there and ask him for his autograph