Celebrities with Hairy Armpits – Photos

Some celebrities haven’t gone near a razor in ages, and we’re not talking about Joaquin Phoenix, either.

Some female celebs just need to shave their hairy armpits, because it’s looking pretty gross.

Celebrities with Hairy Armpits - Photos

Take Hilary Swank, for instance. No, really, please take her….because that is just not a good look. I guess some people feel that they are too important to have to shave?

Julia Roberts and Drew Barrymore went for the European look on the red carpet, as well.

Celebrities with Hairy Armpits - Photos

What on Earth would possess someone who has a ton of money, a stylist (or two), to step out of the house with the most fanciest of dresses on and not give their underarm hair some attention?

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Celebrities with Hairy Armpits - Photos Celebrities with Hairy Armpits - Photos Celebrities with Hairy Armpits - Photos

Please, just take a few extra minutes, ladies. Thanks.

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  • http://mplbabes.com/ Geist01

    I vomited a little

  • http://Website Bur

    I have a feeling some of these ladies didn’t do anything with their armpit hair on purpose. Not everyone is brainwashed into thinking that body hair is disgusting. Drew Barrymore looks stunning in that pic, hair or no!

  • http://no hassan

    i lked tomuch hairy armpits

  • http://no hassn

    i like hairy armpits to not shaved

  • http://amazingjoyce.blogspot.com/ kram

    Very beautiful and natural

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  • Anonymous

    Dayumn! That is HOT! I do love a natural beauty. :o)