Adam Lambert Too Gay For Malaysia?

A fundamentalist party in Malaysia is demanding the cancellation of an upcoming Adam Lambert concert, because of his affiliation with “gay culture.”

Adam Lambert Too Gay For Malaysia?

Sure, Adam’s concerts are racy, but we’re not complaining. Besides that, sex sells. But apparently the politicos in Malaysia think he’s too gay to perform there.

Pan Malaysian Islamic Party youth leader Nasrudin Hasan said, “Adam Lambert’s shows….are outrageous, with lewd dancing and a gay performance that includes kissing male dancers. This is not good for people in our country.”

It’s not surprising, considering partaking in homosexual sex over there is a crime. How backwards are they really?!??

PAS members plan on rallying against having Adam perform on Thursday. Even though he has already agreed to adhere to their guidelines for performers. Reportedly, he has agreed to stay about 25 feet from the audience and stay fully clothed.

When will these people get their collective heads out of the sand???

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Adam Lambert Too Gay For Malaysia? Adam Lambert Too Gay For Malaysia? Adam Lambert Too Gay For Malaysia?

source: Adam Lambert Gig Protested for ‘Gay Culture’ in Malaysia – [popeater]

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    His Malaysian fans are so excited he’s coming there. The local news has been reporting that the tickets are selling really fast despite the protest. He has a lot of fans there.

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    Finally….Something I like about Islam!

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    this website rocks…lol