Michael Lohan Filing For Conservatorship Over Lindsay Lohan

Michael Lohan will ask a judge to establish a conservatorship for Lindsay Lohan — translated, he wants to make some serious bank like Britney Spears‘ father did.

Michael met with attorney David Chon today and will hire him to file conservatorship papers … Chon specializes in trusts and estates.

Michael Lohan Filing For Conservatorship Over Lindsay Lohan

Hopefully Michael has enough sense to know the judge isn’t going to make him the conservator, he does have two other people in mind if that’s the case, though he’s not saying who.

Michael is saying, he doesn’t want Dina Lohan or Lindsay’s business manager, Lou Taylor, to handle Lindsay’s affairs because “they’re in it for themselves.” This is laughable, cause we all know Michael has the best of intentions.

Sources say Michael plans on filing a petition for conservatorship “within days.”

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    Why would anyone let this guy look after someone else? He can barely manage himself!