Lady Gaga Covers ‘Vogue’ Wearing Meat – Photo

Lady Gaga is known mostly for her oddly bizarre outfits and behavior, as well as busting out some major hits. But this time, she has gone a little overboard. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love her music more than a fat kid loves cake, but this is just crazy.

Lady Gaga Covers ‘Vogue’ Wearing Meat - Photo

My first thought upon seeing this cover was “Gross.” After the grossness of wearing raw meat faded, I imagined that PETA is going to have a field day with this cover.

I’m going to foretell the future here and call it now. PETA is gearing up to fire off a letter to Gaga stating that she wouldn’t want animals to wear her skin on their bodies for a photo shoot.

It’s only a matter of time before she ruffled someone’s feathers. So it might as well be PETA. Expect that letter in 3…..2……1…

source: Lady GaGa Covers Vogue Wearing Raw Meat – [gone hollywood]

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