Gabourey Sidibe Appears On Elle Cover, Much Lighter

Gabourey Sidibe has landed her first fashion magazine cover, kind of. The 25-year-old ingenue is the solo cover for the October issue of Elle magazine.

Starting next month, you can pick up a copy of Elle with Sidibe flashing her pearly whites and glamming it up for the cameras in an emerald green Tadashi Shoji dress.

Gabourey Sidibe Appears On Elle Cover, Much Lighter

Except look closely, and you’ll notice there’s something off in Sidibe’s cover photo.

Sidibe’s skin is noticeably lighter than usual. Elle clearly couldn’t handle Sidibe’s real skin color, and traded away her actual color for something dramatically lighter. Not only that — but they put an awful wig on her!

And that’s just one thing Elle got wrong with its Sidibe cover. By cropping Sidibe’s cover photo so close, Elle may have been trying to hide her full-figured body—its own travesty—but they only made her seem bigger.

Seriously, heads should roll!

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