Brad Pitt Cheating On Angelina Jolie With Stewardess

While Angelina Jolie is off on a peace mission to Pakistan, Brad Pitt is allegedly fooling around with a stewardess named Racine NoLastName. We’d be freaking out, if we believed this story had an ounce of integrity.

Brad Pitt Cheating On Angelina Jolie With Stewardess

According to reports, this Racine chick likes to get hot and heavy with married guys only. So nasty!

Reportedly, Racine isn’t only a stewardess, but she’s also a model. She’s been moonlighting as a flight attendant for a private jet company, which has allowed her alleged access to the rich and famous. She says that she hooked up with “Hollywood’s leading golden boy”.

Sure she did!

Star reports:

The woman — who claims she has slept with at least three men that Angelina has also shared a bed with — says that she likes to sleep with married or attached men because, “They get so excited when they cheat! It turns me on because I’m able to give them what they lack.”

No matter how many cheating reports they print, we’re never going to believe them. Not even if/when it does actually happen. Brad could be banging a cheerleading squad and we’ll say, “Oh, it’s Star making crap up again….” and go about our business.

What do you think?

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Brad Pitt Cheating On Angelina Jolie With Stewardess Brad Pitt Cheating On Angelina Jolie With Stewardess Brad Pitt Cheating On Angelina Jolie With Stewardess

source: Brad Pitt Caught in Cheating Scandal! – [star]

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  • Susan

    Yes, because there’s no way Brad Pitt would ever lower himself enough to cheat on his wife. Oh…wait a minute…

  • http://allwomenstalk.com All Women Stalker

    Well, she’s not exactly his wife…

  • http://Website valerie young

    That’s right, she isn’t his wife and I hope he never marrys her. He was married, and that didn’t stop angelina from seducing him. I think he should go back to jennifer!

  • Nate

    Brad and Angelina are narcissistic fools. I really can’t stand Angelina, though. She was never not an attention-whoring freak with a big chip on her shoulder and I really don’t like the way she looks with her sneaky eyes, big chapped lips and superior demeanor. And Brad’s a dick, so they’re perfect for each other.