Ashton Kutcher Mistress, Demi’s Friend?

Brittney Jones has basically become a household name since the news broke that she and Ashton Kutcher allegedly had sex. Now we’re hearing that she and wife, Demi Moore, were actually friends! Wait, what?

Ashton Kutcher Mistress, Demi's Friend?

Brittney was bragging to friends that she hooked up with a celebrity, but kept hush hush on his identity. Now, a new source says that Brittney even claims to be friends with Demi. Somehow I doubt this one.

Radar Online reports:

Here’s the unedited trail of texts:

BJ: “You should know what you’re talking about before you start talking s**t lol. Don’t believe everything you read about hollywood ‘marriages’

BJ: “I didn’t break up any marriage in fact demi and I are good friends”

SOURCE: “Not talking s**t. Just having fun with a funny situation.”

So, don’t believe what we read about Hollywood marriages, eh? What about the united front that Demi and Ashton have put on ever since the scandal broke?

What do you believe?

source: EXCLUSIVE: Ashton Kutcher Mistress’ Shocking Claim – ‘Demi Moore & I Are Friends!’; Read Her Text Messages – [radaronline]

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