Ashton Kutcher Cheats On Demi Moore Again

According to “Star” magazine, Michael Kelso Ashton Kutcher just can’t seem to keep it in his pants. Another reported mistress has come crawling out of the woodwork!

Ashton Kutcher Cheats On Demi Moore Again

As if the threat of legal action against them wasn’t enough, the rag is claiming that he had hot sexytimes with another famewhore woman. And of course, they’re embellishing parts of their story, if not the whole thing.

Case in point:

The brunette Demi look-alike — who you’ll see only in Star — says that she met Ashton in July while bowling at Lucky Strike Lanes in Hollywood.

Demi lookalike?!?? Where?!? I don’t see her anywhere in that cover photo. They are stretching that a lot, don’t you think?

They go on to reveal that Ashton hooked up with the 21-year-old girl and it was soft and sweet. Aww, how cute. But seriously, is anyone buying this malarky? I’ll start believing when Demi files for divorce.

Allegedly, Ashton was hanging out with Demi, Rumer and some of her friends at Lucky Strike Bowling Lanes when he started chatting up his mistress. She admits to knowing that he was there with Demi, but that didn’t stop her from giving him the digits.

Just a few days later, they were having sex on a sofa in his house he shares with Demi and her daughters. She said, “I felt totally comfortable in his arms. It was tender and nice — not some random sex act.”

Not random?!?? Okay…whatever girlie. Still not buying it!

source: Exclusive: Ashton Kutcher Cheats — Again! – [star magazine]

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  • http://Website pauline

    This must be a joke right? Listen, I believe publicity is a good thing, but defamation of character isn’t. This little hooch/pooch who looks nothing like Demi Moore needs to go find herself another leg to hump. Desperate times call for desperate measures…get a life!

  • http://Website Birds

    Living as a celebrity will usually end up in a whole cheating scam. Its rare when they dont cheat because of the life they live. If you were growing up thinking so & so was hot;then one day become famous & bump into that so & so person,more then likeky if they talk to you,youre gonna want to talk back. I just say if youre gonna be living that life….stay single & mingle like George Clooney did. Now he is making it work with his girlfriend but he can actually say that he got to date whom ever he wanted with out getting caught of being a cheater. Just my opinion!!!! : )

  • shirley

    This is a joke right.

  • http://Website Linda

    No, she does NOT look like Demi at all! I don’t believe this for a minute…this magazine is lying just like the Enquirer always lies! Demi and Aston have a great marriage….they are the other half of each other.

  • susan

    Who actually believes this stuff?.. C’mon people.

  • Nancye

    What’s with all of the screwing on the couch? Sounds like someone has been reading about Jesse Jame and Bombshell McGee.

  • http://Website Michelle

    *cough cough* B@ll Sh!T

  • http://Website Name

    from everything i have seen, demi and ashton are very happy together. besides, demi was out of town. maybe her daughters were not. i find it hard to believe ashton would cheat in a house he shares with his wife and step children….

  • http://howtosaveabadrelationship.com/ Lynn

    I’m not sure either way at this point. There have been so many cheating scandals in 2009/2010 that one has to wonder anymore.
    Tiger (had the world fooled), Jesse (albeit, not that surprising), Tiki Barber (that one was the worst in my opinion. Total Dog).

    I hope for Demi’s sake it’s not true, but heck she could as easily cheat on him. I wish her and Bruce would have worked out. He is hotter than ever!

  • http://howtosaveabadrelationship.com/ Lynn

    @ Linda- The Enquirer has more credibility nowadays than you think. After all, they are the ones who broke both the John Edwards story and the Tiger Woods mess.

  • http://Website karin toogood

    Oh come on, Demi has to be about 25 years older than Ashton, she will age MUCH quicker than Ashton, He only has one life also, in 15 or so years, Demi will be way over the hill, no matter how much plastic surgery she has. Ashton will want to go out to clubs, Demi will probably want to sit at home and watch TV. Wake up to reality guys. Ashton, enjoy life to the fullest.

  • matt staley

    OMG… what is wrong with ashton? I could say much more but wont, just that I think he is lame and me being about the same age as him would NEVER have done this to Ms. Moore even if I was with but no longer in love with her. This kind of stuff, like cheater Leann Rhymes is EXACTLY WHY I dont look toward females my own age (28) for relationships

  • Eva H

    I don’t believe the garbage either. Some people will do anything to smear someones name in the dirt. This girl looks NOTHING like beautiful Demi, who looks incredible for her age. This other girl…naaaaa. I can’t see it.

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  • jill

    Star seemed to have it right last year about Tiger and David B. so I believe them on this one. Time will tell. Hope Demi doens’t stay with the cheater. but can you blame him he married someone soooo much older than he this was bound to happen.

  • http://Website stan

    Yes I agree with last poster. Star has been getting the cheating stories on target. Shame on him, he should just divorce her and then start dating

  • http://yahoo Jimbob

    I’d do her in a heartbeat! lol

  • http://Website Name Nobody’s Fool!

    Comment Guys! Why do you believe this nasty hoe?? Who cares what Jesse and Tiger did! All men are not the same! Demi’s age doesn’t have shit to do with a reason why he might cheat. Angelina’s first husband Billy Bob Thornton cheated on her! A cheater does it not because of a woman’s age dum dums! It is because he wants to either hunt and conquer or reaffirm to himself that he’s still got it. Dig?

  • Sandy

    these things can happen everywhere anywhere but I think that it was just a screw not the beginning of something serious. Common Ashton is so young, I never understood why he got married in the first place. Probably stress from the family side.

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  • http://Website Jack

    What is the motive for this story? I would say $$$$$$$$
    Get real, the chances of it being true are just about as real as me becoming the King of England. Here are some reasons:

    1. If she slept with him (more like in her dreams) where are the photos? she must have taken some.

    2. I would ask for a detailed description of the house, and his body etc etc…no such luck, all we have is a hyped up story of how gentle he was (yeah right)

    3. The photo of this girl doesn’t even look real in the sense that it looks like someone has pulled it out of a mag from somewhere. I might be wrong but I would challenge this woman to provide more details???

    Her name is more like “fantaseelia” lol

    People have made a big deal out of the age difference? why? too many jeolous people out there, who need to get a life.

    Firstly, Demi is a mere 15 years older Big deal!! they are in the same generation. When it comes to a guy no one blinks -and yet now that women are seeing men who are younger the media mongrels are making a big fuss out of it.

    Sexist losers.

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  • http://Website rebecca

    Demi cannot stand her age although she is pretty, so she might be somewhat deranged this might be kinky for a while, but a jail sentence for a long term relationshim. A good marriage, where? Demi and Ashton are forever logged on in social sites, where is the time for love? They are in love with their images and craving more and more money, This woman might just be what keeps

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  • http://msn Aky

    Demi Moore is so desperate. To stick around with ashton after he does all these things to her.She is 20 years older than him….So I guess she does not want to give it up?

  • http://Website Hadky

    Of COURSE he cheated. He is a narcississtic douchelord who needs constant approval and validation and his old, gnarly, gristly SugarMama was away making one of her ghastly movies.

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