Tila Tequila Denies Rumors Of A Sex Tape

Media midget extraordinaire Tila Tequila has really outdone herself this time. Rumors were flying on the internet yesterday suggesting that this troll was gearing up to release a sex tape with Vivid Entertainment.

Tila Tequila Denies Rumors Of A Sex Tape

The rumors started yesterday, suggesting that Vivid fronted the cash for the Lamborghini that she was seen driving. She had to find the cash somewhere, right? I think she was only renting the thing for a day or two. Surely her “media empire” isn’t flourishing enough for her to be able to afford such an expensive car….even though she’d like you to think that.

She took to her official blog to deny the rumors, saying:

I have a feeling I know who is behind spreading these rumors. He used to work for the OMG staff, got fired for inappropriate behavior and now he’s pissed! He’s also a paparazzi and knows people from Radaronline and TMZ and all of the other mainstream media people! SO, I know that he is the one spreading those “SEX TAPE” rumor’s out of spite!!

So if you wanna play hardball ex-OMG employer, lets play. My pit bull Lawyer, Alan Gutman, is already on getting ready to file a restraining order from you!!! Do you want to play hardball????? Do you want me to tell the WORLD what you did to me?????

This troll is making me tired. I wish she would just disappear already. No one cares about her shenanigans anymore. The only thing I’m wondering is how she could possibly afford a Lamborghini when she obviously can’t afford to purchase an entire outfit.

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Tila Tequila Denies Rumors Of A Sex Tape Tila Tequila Denies Rumors Of A Sex Tape Tila Tequila Denies Rumors Of A Sex Tape

source: Tila Tequila Denies Sex Tape Rumors – [popeater]

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