Snooki & Her Penis Pop – Photos

Snooki is fresh out of getting arrested for being a sloppy mess. So what does she do? Instead of laying low trying to shake off the stupidity, she pulls another stunt for headlines.

Snooki & Her Penis Pop - Photos

The Snookster was seen walking the streets of New Jersey with a penis lollipop, because that’s what I would do if I were in her situation. Umm…not really.

You see, not only was Snooki drunk and disorderly when she was arrested, but she had the cojones to cuss out the arresting officers. Stay classy, you.

After getting busted, she said, “I’m the best thing in this town. You can’t tell me what to do – I’m Snooki! Do you know who I am? I’m f—— Snooki. You can’t do this to me. I’m f—— Snooki. You guys are going to be sorry for this. Release me!”

A spy said, “She was bad-mouthing everyone who walked by her [in the police station]. She was saying ‘I’m a star, you can’t do this to me.’”

They should’ve locked up her little midget self and threw away the key. Just who does she think she is? Besides being a short reality star with no class?

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