Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart Photographed Kissing

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart apparently have no further need to confirm their relationship status. The rumored couple were caught sucking face as they arrive at a house party yesterday.

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Caught Kissing

Kristen is in Montreal, Canada, filming her new movie, “On The Road” with Rob’s best friend, Tom Sturridge. Rob was said to be visiting the twosome as they filmed their scenes. It was said that Rob was there to support his BFF, but now we know otherwise.

Robsten is real! Twi-hards will rejoice! It’s finally happened! Now the fans can go on with their lives knowing that these two are really involved in some sweet romance.

Either that, or Summit shelled out a lot of dough to get these two to smooch in public!

What do you think? Paid to put on a show for the paparazzi? Or did they finally get the confirmation of true love? Sound off in the comments below!

source: Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Kissing! (PHOTOS) – [celebuzz]

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  • http://Website anonymous

    I say Summit shelled out alot of money to get these two to kiss in public. Sorry, but I will never believe they are or ever were together. The real couple is Rob and Tom. Blast me all you want. They’ve got to keep Rob’s sexual preference under wraps as long as he’s their big money maker. This is done all the time in Hollywood. He is as gay as they come. Watch some videos of him…very gay. And wherever he is, Tom is.

  • amber straub

    omd!!! i love ya’ll!!! Rob, your awesome!! Kristen your like my role model! =DD <3

  • http://Website Briana

    No way in hell that this is for PR, if Summit couldn’t even pay her enough to not cut her hair, what makes you think they could pay her enough to kiss for the photographers?

  • http://Website prajitha

    i still dont believe that how some idiots are not believing them..well if it for PR..then zaneesa,brangelina…everyone is doing PR.? get your eyes checked..you pshyco?

  • http://Website anonymous

    Nope, not a psycho. I work in the business, live in L.A. See it all the time. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes? Big time PR couple. Whole marriage is a sham. He prefers the boys. That is well known. What makes you think Rob and Kristen are different. YOU need to get your head out of the sand!

  • http://Website justme

    So happy for them. Please they wouldn’t just kiss cause they got paid to do so.

  • http://Website Jenn

    PR! Rob is gay. His BF is Tomstu!

  • Sarah

    UGH, You he is gay people get on my nerves! Anytime a good looking guy in Hollywood gets major publicity the Gay rumors start to surface. God forbid he has a bast friend who he hangs with all the time. Leo is always and I mean ALWAYS seen with one of his rat pack friends but he is not Gay! Summit wouldn’t pay out money for them. Wouldn’t that have been the game plan from the start? twilight doesn’t need more publicity. The fans are there and the ones who care about the two are the fans and they are guaranteed to buy merchandise and movie tickets! They are obviously together. the signs have always pointed that way. I saw them in person and they go out of their way in like a over dramatic way to not touch or look at each other. It’s quite obvious they are trying to downplay it. I swear the only thing that will get the nonstens to believe or the Rob’s gay people to believe is if they make a sex tape!

  • http://Website sarah

    Oh and the “allergic to vagina” comment Rob made was a joke. It’s something the English say because vagina makes them “swell”. Get it??? Everyone tried to use that one and they looked like stupid idiots who just “didn’t” get the joke.

  • http://Website Name


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  • http://Website Sissy

    First off, I have worked very closely with Kristen & Rob on production sites. I have never commented on these websites because I find them humorus. Let me assure all of you that are reading these stupid comments about Rob being gay, HE DEFINETLY IS NOT. He and Kristen have been together for quite some time now. I think they finally said F-it. They have not seen each other in months and it is obvious that they did not know that the paparazzi was taking pictures. Rob & Tom have been best friends since childhood and anybody commenting that they are gay, must have been loners or losers growing up. We all have best friends of the same sex. So get a life and shut the F up.

  • Pingback: Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart Photographed Kissing | Allie Is … | Latest News & Reviews for Tech Softwares, Products, Downloads – TechMan

  • Pingback: Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart Photographed Kissing | Allie Is … | Latest News & Reviews for Tech Softwares, Products, Downloads – TechMan

  • Megan

    Haha these gay comments crack me up. Rob has had several girlfriends (look them up) before Twilight. And the person you say he’s “with” also happens to be his best friend and also dated a numerous number of woman. The gay rumors come eventually when they’re big stars look at Justin Beiber and the Oprah thing. They’re just people who look at anything to call them homosexual it’s ridiculous. Oh and that joke he told that you haters call proof was explained a long time a go by him. Err by that OMG site look it up as I say again.

  • http://Website Nessa

    I’m totally with Briana. These two do what they want regarding PR. I love them both and they are not the types of celebs to try and boost an already wildly successful franchise.

  • http://Website Jane

    Amen Sissy!

  • http://Website anonymous

    Sorry, still don’t buy it. And how do I know Sissy is for real? I could be a fake too.

  • http://Website anon

    Sorry, twihards but he is gay.

  • http://Website Sarah

    Then don’t buy it because I don’t think they are selling it to you! You may not be a fake (or maybe you are) but that doesn’t make you an expert on everything “Hollywood”. You work in the business and might know some things but I seriously doubt you know the sexual preference of every man in Hollywood. Show me pictures of Rob and Tom making out and I’ll believe you. Until then I will believe the pictures of Kristen and Rob making out.

  • http://Website shantell

    OMG!! i hate wen ppl say he’s gay and he’s totally not! but i like dat dey dnt giv a f**k about wat others think or say. b|c its obvious dey saw da paps takin pics so i think dey dnt care anymore

  • Rahel

    I am pretty sure that they are a real couple and I am really happy for them. Gossip is over now! I just hope that the paps will give them some privacy now!!

  • http://Website free

    I think he’s GAY! He is with Tom. Them always together, living together and being around each other most of the year.

  • vanchiedoll

    I always believe that there is more than the edward-bella characters they are portraying. I kind of feel that they were really attracted to each other and as they say, when you’re not near the one you love (michael) you love the one you’re near (rob). that’s what happens to kirsten, i think. hehe but really, this is proof enough for me, PR or not, I’m pro ROBSTEN! love them both!

  • http://Website Laura5

    apparently if you are an actor in Hollywood you are gay.

  • http://Website ninaluxxe

    I don’t think they knew that the paparazzi was taking pics. The papz usually have good camera lenses, but the ones shown here are very grainy and blurry, which meant that the papz must’ve been far away to take that shot and the area where rob & kristen were, was really dark. Dark + shooting from far away with flash = grainy, unclear pics.

  • http://Website HELP

    shame on you rob shame on you

  • http://Website HELP

    shame on you rob shame on you.
    he is very foolish

  • http://Website Daisy

    All the people who think that Robs gay.
    well, it takes one to know one.
    Or the easy way around it Mr Anonymous your just simpaly jealous.
    Their is NO WAY he is gay.
    And all the ROBSTEN haters, why waste your time commenting?
    And Sissy&Sarah, i Agree with what you’ve sayd 100%

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  • http://Website Gypsyjae

    People should really look at this picture, not just glance at it and see what they want you to see. Where are the sleeves on her shirt? What is that mark on her arm? When did her pants have the time to get so snug on her thighs when they are so not tight on her in the clear pictures that go with this picture? Why is his hair longer, where is his hat (you all know that when he wears it he never takes it off), where did the shopping bag come from when it was not in the clearer pictures, where is the checkered shirt that she was carrying with her when she walked into the parking garage to start with? Did she throw it on the floor? And why is it that in all the pictures that lead up to the so called kiss, his arm never moves one inch it curiously stays in exactly the same position? And not for nothing, someone wraps their arms around your neck, you don’t drop the bag to embrace her back? Duh! This screams photo shopped if there ever was a photo shopped pic. It is grainy for a reason people.

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