Madonna Ripped Off ‘Material Girl’

L.A. Triumph, Inc. claims in a new lawsuit it’s been marketing “Material Girl” clothing since 1997, selling millions of bucks worth of threads under its trademark.

According to the documents, obtained by TMZ, Madonna, aka Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone, has jacked the name “Material Girl” for her junior clothing line Material Girl Brand — which launched this year.

Madonna Ripped Off 'Material Girl'

L.A. Triumph wants a declaration from a federal judge that Madonna’s use of “Material Girl” creates “deception” in the marketplace.

In addition to the declaration, L.A. Triumph wants the judge to order Madonna and her company to turn over all of the profits they’ve made from their clothing line.

I’m going to have to call BS on L.A. Triumph’s claim — Madonna’s song “Material Girl” was produced in 1984 — THIRTEEN years before L.A. Triumph’s clothing line was founded!

I’m fairly certain that’s where she got the name.

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