Lady Gaga Accused Of Plagiarism By Brooke Aldridge

Just as Lady Gaga is breaking new ground with her ultra catchy music and crazy performance art, someone comes out of the woodwork to claim that she’s ripping them off.

Lady Gaga Accused Of Plagiarism By Brooke Aldridge

Brooke Aldridge claims that Gaga ripped off her song, “Life On Hold”. Reportedly, “Telephone” bears an uncanny resemblance to the song, but I’ve been unable to confirm that. I’ve searched high and low for the Minneapolis based musician’s work, but have been unable to locate anything she’s done.

The “Star Tribune” reports:

Aldridge’s supporters are openly accusing 2010′s biggest pop music star of stealing her ideas. There’s even a Facebook page called “Lolly Pop Has Been Knicked by Lady Gaga.” They can point to an early Gaga producer who may or may not have exposed Lolly Pop’s work to Stefani Germanotta, the clubhopper who would bleach her hair and shed a lot of clothing to become Gaga.

“People sometimes just want validation for their hard work, and I think that’s what Brooke is hoping for,” said Monte Moir, Aldridge’s producer/mentor, who was a bit of a fame monster in the ’80s as keyboardist with the Time. Addressing the specific allegations, Moir said, “Speculation? Yes. Proof? No.”

I’ve just located Brooke’s Myspace page and have listened to “Life On Hold”. I don’t find any resemblance to Gaga’s music whatsoever. This sounds like a baseless claim and Gaga should not be worried at all.

Sure, both have references to telephones and being “on hold”, but this song sounds nothing like “Telephone.”

What do you think?

Update: We’ve just heard from Brooke Aldridge, who has told us that she is not the one who went after Lady Gaga. She says she’s a fan of the singer and has no plagiarism claim against her. She has revealed that it’s Telephone! who has used Gaga for the press attention.

She said, “It’s not my fault local press decided to use us and a few of our fans to lynch Lady Gaga. Nowhere in print do you find me claiming plagarism and- if you mail them and ask- I refused to give a statement to either reporter except to say “I’m a fan of Lady Gaga”. Neither of them printed that part, in fact I actually went on this one to say specifically that I am a fan.”

Kudos to Brooke for setting the record straight.

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Lady Gaga Accused Of Plagiarism By Brooke Aldridge Lady Gaga Accused Of Plagiarism By Brooke Aldridge Lady Gaga Accused Of Plagiarism By Brooke Aldridge

source: Lady Gaga is a phone-y – [the star tribune]

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