Joe Jonas Fights Back Against Blogger

Joe Jonas is prepared to go to war over a blog posting that insists he and his underage ex-girlfriend Demi Lovato are currently “friends with benefits.”

Joe’s attorney just sent a letter to a Canadian entertainment blogger named Zack Taylor … blasting the guy for a story he posted which implied that 20-year-old Joe and 17-year-old Demi “are involved in an illicit relationship.”

Joe Jonas Fights Back Against Blogger

In the letter, Jonas’ attorney claims the story is “completely false, offensive and defamatory” — and accuses Taylor of a “malicious attempt to attack and devalue [Joe's] good name and reputation.”

Team Jonas is demanding that Taylor pull the post ASAP… or else a lawsuit may follow. As of now, the post is still on the site.

Zack Taylor had no comment on this story.

The letter can be read HERE.

So, what do you all think… are they doing the dirty nasty?

source: Joe Jonas — Ready to Fight Over Demi Lovato [TMZ]

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