Emma Watson Chopped Off All Her Hair!

In the States to promote her upcoming “Harry Potter” film, Emma Watson was spotted catching a cab in the West Village of New York City earlier this week.

And she chopped off all her hair!

Emma Watson Chopped Off All Her Hair

The damn-near gone hairdo, was apparently created by the Cutler Salon who posted on their Facebook page,

“Rodney cut Emma Watson’s hair, stay tuned for the results… you will be amazed!!!”

I’m amazed alright… and a bit shocked.

Do you like her new haircut?

UPDATE: Emma jumped on Twitter to alert her fans of a new photo she posted on Facebook

Emma Watson Shows Off Her Very Short Hair

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  • B


  • Liw

    A beautiful woman is always a beautiful woman no matter what hair she has, if it’s long or short.

  • http://Website Ani

    For me that is not cool. No offense.

  • Anthony

    She looks a very goodlooking boy :)

  • http://allieiswired.com Allie

    @ Anthony, that was my thought – visualize Justin Bieber with his hair combed back from his face, eh?

  • Ew

    gross. i hate women with hair like that. looks like a 12yr old boy.

  • http://www.stilettojungleblog.com Steph @ Stiletto Jungle

    I think she looks adorable… just like Mia Farrow in Rosemary’s Baby.

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  • http://Website Name

    she looks like the mom on john and kate plus eight:b. it looks too short. she needs something to cover up that big ‘ol forhead…like bangs and long dark brown hair. but thats just me

  • http://Don'tlikeit Manisha


  • http://Website aissa

    she looks horrible i don´t know what the hell does she dinking.
    i am sorry emma but i perfer your long hair
    some of your fans start hate you and me to

  • oodoodanoo

    What the hell, she should have gotten a mohawk and goatee while she was at it.

  • http://Website pr

    dude it’s hair i’ll grow. and she looks like twiggy!

  • http://facebook chloe-may

    i think her hair looks alright, she looks nice with it short and nice with it long. Of course she could do alot more with it when it was long, but it’s her choice x x x