Adam Lambert Introduces ‘Tongue Diving’

Adam Lambert put some interesting dance moves into his concert at the Lupos’ Heartbreak Hotel in Providence, Rhode Island — which included kissing two fans (one guy, one girl) in the crowd.

He affectionately called it, “Tongue Diving.”

Adam Lambert Introduces Tongue Diving

When speaking of the incident, Adam said via his Twitter, “Tongue Diving is the new Stage Diving. Get into it.”

(the fun starts at the 4:15 and 5:22 mark)

What do you think… should he put a condom on it?

Do you want to be noticed by Adam Lambert? If so, the “American Idol” singer is giving you a prime opportunity on Twitter, in conjunction with his official site.

So what do you have to do in order to win? The answer is more or less simple. You just need to get your boots on and right amount of leather and tweet a picture over to Adam of it along with the hashtag #GlamPhoto (an attempt to make it a trending topic). He will choose which photo he likes the best, and that person will then receive an “autographed surprise item” from the singer himself. Sound good? Then you better get those cameras out!

The sweepstakes will last until September 15 — which, as many fans know, is close to the end of his Glam Nation Tour here in the United States. Are you planning to do anything specific to grab Adam’s attention?

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  • http://Website CJ

    He can dive into my tongue any day! If you have ever been to his concert you see the fans highly encourage it.

  • http://Website marc

    Boooo Adam. Trashy. Much more sexy in Montreal. Loved your tongue action there- shoving it down someones throat is plain gross.
    Its the thrill of anticipation thats exciting. Adam looked plain weird

  • http://Website Sarah

    Adam lambert is so desperate for attention. He’s so ridiculous! Eww

  • http://Website Margaret

    I’ve been there in a first row. Adam was on fire. His vocals were outstanding and it was the best show so far. We so did not expect this coming. I feel lucky to have gone to this particular show. The audience was loving him mad crazy and he loved us back. My next show: Staten Island

  • http://Website Sam

    Awww come on now! Adam has been touring for a while now, he deserves to have some fun! I thought it was hot and much more entertaining than reading about “rock stars” trashing their hotel rooms out of boredom. You rock, Adam!

  • http://frontier.com cheryl 334

    If Adam’s inviting, I’m accepting!

    Just tell me where and when!:))))))))

  • http://Website suzy

    I prefer the antics on stage (writhing, thrusting and caressing the bass player, etc) that are directed to the enire crowd. Kissing only a select few in the audience makes me kind of jealous and is not necessarily sexy..

  • http://Website susan

    It was sexual -assault like. Wow, this disapponted me alot.

  • http://Website Lisa

    Rock&Roll is back baby!!!

  • Circe

    Sexual assault? The audience seemed more than willing to participate.

  • http://Website celtcwrtr

    my my my how very uptight some of these comments are.

    as she said, rock&roll is back. hopefully.

    adam adam keep it up, help swing that pendulum back a few notches.

    more than a few are going along for the ride.

  • http://Website x

    So everytime someone’s kissed you they made sure they had your complete vocal permission rather than just lean in and going for it? I have never had anyone ask me if they can kiss me, you just do it. It’s not sexual assult!

  • TKO

    what would happen if he and Lady Gaga got together….??? TOOOOO MCUH!!!!

  • http://Website Tagrid

    OMG that NOTE after the two kisses! How can anyone give a damn about kisses when in the presence of a voice like THAT?? Kisses to audience members? Pffffttt! Been done – for the past 50 years – OLD NEWS. Kisses are the fun stuff – the voice – the beauty – the performance are all that matters. Rock ON Adam – Rock Hard and Rock OFTEN! And kiss em ALL!

  • http://Website LYDIA

    was there shocking at first (he could of got hurt , with everyone pulling and grabbing at him~ lol~) but loved it , he never look or acted more like elvis on that night- super super SUPER STAR!!!