Twilight Fans Get Real Vampire Fangs

Twilight fans are sinking their teeth into vampire culture by paying cosmetic surgeons to give them fangs.

In most cases the young fans are willing to spend around $200 of their parents’ money on temporary vampire veneers.

Twilight Fans Get Real Vampire Fangs

Taylor Wilkins, 16, had the sharp fangs installed at the Houston office of Floss Dental.

“I’m Team Edward…and he has them, so …”

So? So you’re a moron!

Twilight Fans Get Real Vampire Fangs - Photo 2

For those unfamiliar with the teen-targeted Twilight series of books and films, Team Edward backs the vampire played by Robert Pattinson and Team Jacob favors Taylor Lautner‘s werewolf character.

They use a material similar to the one used to bond braces on the teeth, so they can be easily removed with no damage done to the teeth.

Twihards going too far?

source: Twilight Fans Flock For Vampire Fangs [sky news]

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