‘True Blood’ To Get Cleaned Up For Syndication

Rumor has it that “True Blood” is going to go for a more modest audience, in the form of basic cable subscribers. Currently, the show broadcasts on HBO and shows gratuitous nudity, blood, gore and violence…and not to mention the sex.

'True Blood' To Get Cleaned Up For Syndication

There is so much vampire sex, S&M, and Eric Northman nudity, that, in order to garner a TV-14 rating, the producers of the show could probably only show the opening sequence and the credits. And have I mentioned the Eric nudity? Oh yes, and Alcide, too. Total hotness on the small screen. What are they thinking, trying to bring that to a censored basic cable audience?

The network hopes to have “True Blood” in syndication soon, thus stripping away all of the good parts.

The Celebrity Cafe reports:

Fans can say goodbye to the kinky sex scenes and frequent stripping of clothes from Oscar-winner Alan Ball if the gore-filled series hits basic cable. HBO hopes to sell the series for $800,000 an episode to be viewed on basic cable, but of course the show is in dire need of editing before it can be viewed on regular cable.

Since non-premium channels rely on advertisers to make money, they need to conform to more strict guidelines when it comes to what can be shown. Often times, failure to comply can result in expensive fines and even the cancellation of programs.

The show is made up of nothing but sexy vampire goodness. Bill Compton romances Sookie Stackhouse, while Eric tries to steal her away. Her friend Tara is hypnotized into a cult by a supernatural creature and her brother Jason has sex with anything that walks. All the while, all of the characters are trying to balance out the world so that humans and vampires can co-exist.

Spoiler alerts!

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  • http://Website Patrick

    This isn’t a good idea.

  • http://Website foozlesprite

    I’m fine with them ‘cleaning up’ old episodes for syndication (although, what will be left, as you say?) What I DON’T want is for new episodes to be made with syndication in mind, resulting in a watered-down, non-entertaining mess that is entirely unfaithful to the books.

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  • Jason

    They won’t even be able to show the opening sequence since it contains subliminal boob shots and naked people writhing. LOL

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