Tom Cruise To Do A Reality Show

Tom Cruise is just pointing out his irrelevancy as his new flick, “Knight And Day” bombed at the box office. Apparently he feels that doing a documentary-type reality show will ensure some buzz.

Tom Cruise To Do A Reality Show

Tom wants to put his Xenu loving, couch jumping ways on display for the world and we say — Let him have at it!

He and wife Katie Holmes will give viewers a glimpse into their lives, showing fans a closer look at what makes them tick. I have to wonder if he really does tell her everything to wear and whether or not they give Suri everything she wants on a silver platter. So, yes, I’ll watch, but it’s only out of morbid curiosity.

A source said, “He’s been filming Katie and other aspects of his life for the past month. The original impetus was that he would select a few personal clips to show fans, but word has got out through his agents and he is currently fielding offers from entertainment companies. Tom is now deliberating what to do with his footage. No deal has been struck.”

Hmmm…sell out your family? SURE! For a price, of course!

The source added, “Tom places a premium on control, so he’s reluctant to commit to doing a reality TV show unless he’s 100 percent certain it will reflect him and Katie in the best light possible… Releasing documentary footage is a way of getting closer to his public.”

Of course he wants control! Tom has always been about control, so why should this be any different?!??

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Tom Cruise To Do A Reality Show Tom Cruise To Do A Reality Show Tom Cruise To Do A Reality Show

source: Cruise Contemplating Reality Show – [contact music]

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TODHD | July 21st, 2010

I think that people want to see more celebs doing reality shows

Sarah | July 21st, 2010

Tom Cruise himself is an icon and I believe with his popularity will keep him on the go! I really like this.

Name | July 21st, 2010

I would enjoy this. Tom Cruise seems to be a great family man. You never read anything about “tirades” or drunken brawls. He always seems to be there for his friends and family. That is so cool.