Miley Cyrus Furious Over Taylor Momsen Comments

In a recent interview, Taylor Momsen bashed the crap out of Disney star Miley Cyrus over comparisons between the two singers. Miley’s not taking it anymore!

Miley Cyrus Furious Over Taylor Momsen Comments

Taylor said, “I don’t even know Miley. There’s just no comparison between us, you know. I’m a rocker, she’s a pop star. We’re entirely different things, there’s a big difference between us. I have nothing against her, I don’t even know her. I just don’t listen to her stuff. I don’t give a sh*t. It’s ridiculous that Disney is as relevant as it is today even with adults. Where is the real music? What happened to Zeppelin, and people who play their own instruments? There’s always going to be pop but it’s not real music, it’s not me.”

A “source” said in response, “Miley is furious – who wouldn’t be? She thought Taylor was pretty cool until this happened, which has left her totally confused. Taylor is so obviously desperate for fame. I mean, she’s traipsing around town in her underwear, or is that for the love of the music too? Miley has always had a lot of talent, and Taylor knows it. Taylor still sees her as a threat, which she is, although they’re hardly in the same league. Miley gets a little risky on stage, but she knows that it’s a performance, whereas Taylor doesn’t seem to know where to draw the line. It’s sad, really.”

HAHAHAHAHAAHAHA. They really want us to believe that either one of these chicks have talent? Just kidding, that raccoon-eyed chick really knows her way around a makeup bag.

Are you Team Miley or Team Taylor? Sound off in the comments below!

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Miley Cyrus Furious Over Taylor Momsen Comments Miley Cyrus Furious Over Taylor Momsen Comments Miley Cyrus Furious Over Taylor Momsen Comments

source: Cyrus ‘furious over Momsen comments’ – [showbizspy]

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  • http://Website anon

    miley cant sing for shit her voice SUCKS taylor on the other hand even if at times shes extreme atleast she has talent i mean have you heard her voice its amazing especially for her age it has raw power and plus miley shouldnt be talking shes had a sex scandal and “i cant be tamed” that sounds like a cry for attention also

  • http://Website teddieeddie

    Team TAylor! she is so right! miley is just a sugar pop girl! momsen is real musician!

  • http://Website ITsObvs

    UHM clearly taylor momsen is cooler . yes miley cyrus is awsome too and realy hawt . taylor momsen just has better music for my liking . doesnt mean i dnt like miley i lover her but team tayer tottaly !

  • freakyldn

    Team Taylor definitely, never liked that shitty whore Cyrus with her stupid duck face and music. the Pretty Reckless all the way

  • http://lalala.com loll

    Definately team MILEY.. she rocks

  • this is dumb

    theyre both ugly and untalented

  • ugh

    is taylor really comparing herself to zeppelin?? HAHA WOW………

  • frisuh


  • http://Website kealeboga mokgadi

    taylor rocks……………

  • http://Website Winnie Moshashu

    Miley go back to school…… Taylor keep rocking, u r hot and talented

  • http://Website Hollie Ann

    Um, does anyone else think that what Taylor Momsen said wasnt really that offensive? She wasnt even directly insulting Miley- more the popularity of, and obsession over, fairly superficial and irrelevant Disney pop getting somewhat out of hand. Kind of an overreaction on Miley’s part. But she’s pretty annoying in general, to be honest.

  • anonymous

    Ok first of all, how many of you think that picture is actually miley’s reaction?! If it’s genuine and she put it on for the press than that says everything doesn’t it. My guess is it’s a picture of her either pulling a face or having some fun. How do you know that what you read is actually true?! THE PRESS TWIST THINGS! and they have ALWAYS had it in for poor Taylor momsen because of her risky choices with her clothing and her music. I actually feel sorry for her because she can’t enjoy her fame like Miley can with the press twisting everything she says and does. Those comments were NOT offensive. She said them in a nice way- she could have just said Cyrus is a whore but no she is absolutely right with what she says. Her music and Mileys don’t compare. Miley herself said she was quitting the music industry anyway because it was too ‘negative’ so there really is no competition. Taylor has a BEAUTIFUL voice and stunning looks, she will go far. Miley has made a risky choice by just sticking to acting, but I hope she does well in it- she always has her fan base to urge her on. Now. Hopefully there is no more fighting to be had over this. I am on Taylor’s side because she is always attacked by paparazzi and if I were her I would have snapped by now.

  • http://Website Rebecca

    Taylor is so great, simply because of her attitude towards others – I personally love her for it.

  • http://Website Batty Eyes

    Team Miley all the way
    I used to like Taylor a bit. But now she is a brat coz she is just dissing and bad mothing other celebs coz she so despiratly wants to be one. She is a bitch

  • http://Website miley & mindy

    miley and mindy: hey guys check out are shows on youtube well its called mindy&miley if u guys didint now and thxx of having are back girls and boys we love u guys!!

  • Team Momsen!

    WOW….you people are sad taylor momsen didn’t even insult miley she just said that we are different! I used to love miley Cyrus But then she became a slutty bitch! Taylor on the other hand can dress a bit OTT but she is still herself and I love taylor because she is a rebel and she doesnt give two fucks about what people think about her! And momsen is right overall POP is not REAL music and yeah what did happen to stuff like nirvana zeppilin and more! I like momsen because for once a teenage star goes to the rock side and doesnt act all fake and plastic and TAYLOR is not trying to be a badass she is one! So Team Taylor all the way!!!

  • http://Website octavia

    i think miley is more talented at musci than taylor but taylor is a great actresse

  • The AnonymouS

    TEAM TAYLOR!!! I mean, come on people, Miley Cyrus? She’s something between Disney’s sick joke and a Lady-Gaga-wanna-be. Momsem is the one I respect the most. She does not do music for money!!! And Miley’s fans, you know very, very well what I’m talking about!!!!

    Momsen, you have an awsome voice and a lot of talent, and if you keep going like that, you’ll definitely become one of THE LEGENDS OF ROCK, exactly near AC/DC, Metallica, Zeppelin and all the people who sang REAL MUSIC – ROCK !!! \m/

  • http://Website Calista, the Secret Queen

    Don’t know why, but I think there’s some misunderstanding in this…stuff.
    BTW, Miley looks so weird in this picture. It’s like she’s got a boob job and seems VERY FURIOUS. LLS.

  • isha

    team MLIEY

  • http://Website Who cares..

    Who cares…

  • http://Website Emm

    Team MILEY man!! Pfft wdf is going on wid that try-hard taylor mudson .. nd I hate people who wear crosses just for the FASHION! Thats so fucked.. she says shes all real nd mature, but doesn;t even know wh yshe wears accessories like that & the meaning behind it. Taylor you still r a KID! Stop trying 2 act all grown up and shit and wipe off the panda eyes man!

  • http://Website Kristinna

    I agree wif Emm.. Taylor act your age, you still don’t know who you are, and you are still a kid!

  • http://Website Rubes

    Team Miley all da waay! Seriouslii Taylor just be yourself not what you wear & not all dat make-up!!
    Those things AREN’T YOU

  • http://Website MileyFan


  • Rachael

    Miley is a whore, and denies it, she dresses in her underwear and dates 20 year olds. Taylor accepts it’s who she is. She is that Disney shit, can’t sing can’t act, can’t get her head out of her ass. Taylor didn’t even attack Miley, she just said she was different and for people not to compare them, and CLEARLY said “NOTHING TO MILEY PERSONALLY”. Miley is immature for actually personally attacking Taylor. Miley is the one who needs to act her age! Team Taylor are the only people who have legit arguments. Taylor is who she is, her parents tried to make her be this “Miley” sort of person and she hated it (why she tried out of Hannah Montana, her parents) Listen to her song Light Me Up it says it all. She is NOT fame seeking, you guys are too obsessed with Miley to even get to know Taylor.

  • Aliciaaa

    Team Taylor :P
    I love Taylor! Shes an insperation to me. Also, I bet all the people saying “TEAM MILEYYY!(:” Are seven year olds. Miley is a Disney singer and she has a ton of naked pictures of herself ALL over the place.. Disney is TRASH and so is Miley. I have NOO respect for Miley..AT ALL. Go Taylor :D
    I love yew :3
    This girllll >:]

  • valeee

    Team Taylor
    Miley is saying that her music is rock, but that is piece of crap and she has a porn video. -.- Taylor is who she is and she is inspiration for a lot of people.

  • Eloise

    TEAM TAYLOR. Screw Miley. She’s way less talented than Taylor has ever been. Miley Cyrus fans are idiots.

  • RidleyGT

    TEAM TAYLOR! It’s so annoying that everyone moan at her for her dress sense and that she speaks her own mind. I think that’s great, Miley has awful music taste and just can’t sing.

  • Jenna

    TEAM TAYLOR. She’s right disney is a load of crap and the singers are completely talentless. Miley’s audience is a bunch of 7 year olds who dont know what real music is. Taylor has the right to speak her mind, and people should care more about her opinion than miley’s because taylor is truely talented! Taylor became famous on her own while Miley was helped by her already famous dad

  • http://www.taymomsen-jesusandrocknroll.tumblr.com PrettyRecklessFan_Zombie

    TEAM TAYLOR!!! i hate Pop music, Taylor is totally right about ‘pop isn’t real music’. Miley isn’t a threat at all. If anything, Taylor is a threat to Miley. Miley just rips artists off. She tries to copy Joan Jett. and it DOES NOT work. She tries to dress like a rocker, but she just looks stupid. So what if Taylor didn’t get the HM role. She’s a much better actress and singer then Miley. Rant Over.

  • Aida

    I won’t judge you all with your team Miley thingies. Taylor and Miley are so different, Taylor didn’t mean to insult Miley, that is her own way of speaking, she said she has nothing against her plus Taylor sings live way better than Miley who in my opinion dies on stage. Taylor is doing her singer job not fame but for the love of music. TEAM TAYLOR FOREVER

  • Ruth

    Taylor rocks I think she’s absolutely amazing shes beautiful and has a great voice if she wanted game she would have got it a long time ago shes been singing a while now and acting so all you assholes saying that shes crap and can’t sing and that she is stupid you can fuck off because shes better than miley in my opinion THE PRETTY RECKLESS ALL THE WAY BITCHES!!!!!!!