Lindsay Lohan Called ‘Firecrotch’ In Jail By Inmates

Lindsay Lohan is getting teased more than we could possibly on the outside world. When Twitter, Facebook or tabloids are concerned, she can merely turn off her computer and it all goes away.

Lindsay Lohan Called 'Firecrotch' In Jail By Inmates

But when you’re in confinement and the people down the hall from you are screaming out “Firecrotch”, it’s really hard to get away from.

NY Mag reports:

Lindsay Lohan has reportedly been brought to tears in jail (pictured), because her inmates have been calling her “fire crotch.” This actually sounds awful, made even worse by the dubious tale of her inmates “chanting” this nickname while she lays in her cell. One recently-released inmate explained: “Lindsay didn’t say nothing. She was crying though.” Apparently the other girls are sick of seeing the starlet receive special treatment: “Like if she even moves, they put the whole facility on lockdown. It happens all the time,” a relative of an inmate explained. But with each teardrop she sheds, we know Lohan will come out of jail any day now, lessons, uh, learned the hard way: by being called a fire crotch. That’ll teach ‘er.

Tabloids are still trying to shove the “Lindsay’s not getting special treatment in jail” story down our throats, but how many of you are buying it? Seriously, everyone is on lockdown because of this red-headed freckled addict. She’s got a television and a dresser in her room and uses the guards’ cell phones. How is that not special?

Either way, the gossip is that Firecrotch will be making her jail exit before the end of the month. Her lawyer has convinced the judge that she should get credit for two days because she’s done the jail thing before.

So shave that sentence down to twelve days…and try not to drop the soap!

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Lindsay Lohan Called 'Firecrotch' In Jail By Inmates Lindsay Lohan Called 'Firecrotch' In Jail By Inmates Lindsay Lohan Called 'Firecrotch' In Jail By Inmates

source: Lindsay Lohan Is Being Mocked By Fellow Inmates – [ny mag]

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