Justin Bieber Smoking Weed – Photo

UPDATE: (1/07/13) – Justin Bieber caught smoking a blunt.

Justin Bieber has been the victim of numerous rumors suggesting he died, he molested a fan, he’s converted to Scientology and now, the rumor floating around is that he’s a pot head.

Justin Bieber Smoking Weed - Photo

The poor kid just can’t seem to catch a break, can he?

It all started with a Yahoo Answers search of some young Belieber asking if Justin smoked weed. It snowballed into a Photoshopped photo of the young singer with a pipe. Miley Cyrus was right, you should definitely keep your kids away from the internet.

What has been your favorite Bieber rumor? Mine was the one where he got VD from Kim Kardashian while his mother posed for Playboy which caused him to get into a serious car accident.

In real Justin news, those Westboro Baptist Church morons have decided to boycott his latest concert. God hates Bieber? Unfathomable.

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source: Justin Bieber Smoking Weed news is fake – [today24news]

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  • http://facbook melissa

    hi did you guys no that i am meeting him this summer:)

  • http://Website Name

    hi it is melissa JUSTIN BIEBER NO’S DEALIA.R

  • http://Website Emily

    that is NOT Justin Bieber!!!!!!!!!!! So you people need to leave Justin Bieber ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think Justin is a really talented guy!!!!!!!!!!

  • Maria

    I think he is so HOT, so you people need to leave him ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://Website fags

    It is obviously not a meth pipe….i see the carb. this retard cant even smoke weed right hes not holding the carb

  • http://AllieIsWierd cherylynn rudisel

    umm… yea who ever made that photo is pretty dumb, cause that kinda does and doesnt look like justin bieber all the way!!!!! And also that is NOT a weed pipe!!! Its a METH pipe!!! For reall!!!! Come on you guys be smarter than that!!!!! COMMON SCENCE!!!!!!!! ( METH PIPE)!!!!!!

  • Aine

    O my flippin, you guys this aint him! dah and if you think he is a gay singer with a girls voice go die in a old folkes home! lol

  • http://Website Name

    wat the heck lexii

  • http://Website journey

    hey jb ur the best i wish u would live in meadville well gtg to school love u by :)

  • http://Website ayanna

    dam justin please do not smoke we all love u smoking
    will hurt u and your fans

    love ayanna

    p.s. please stop smoking if u r thinck about your fans

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    its me agin i do not like justin beiber period i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee nicki minaj,lil wyane,soulja boy, arab,ti,lil boose bad ass,ciara,beyonce,kerry hilson, but the best is nicki minaj that is why i am lil nicki minaj.


    I can’t b liv you Justin Beiber I loved you but now I don’t like you no more.And you need to stop smoking weed JUSTIIN BEIBER OR WEED HEAD OR CRACK HEAD. P.S STOP SMOKING JUSTIN I LOVE YOU .PLEASE STOP SMOKING FOR ME

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    justin Bieber I can’t beliv you.I love you. stop smoking for me.

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    F*** u people who think justin bieber is gay!!!Gosh,people…get ur facts straight! that pic. is from an episode in csi…HE DOES NOT SMOKE WEEDS!!! I LOVE YOU JUSTIN BIEBER:)

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    justin bieber you no.1 and biudiful boy I wish you success in life have a wonderful voice
    much love

  • ana

    i love you justin bieber y do u smoking weed

  • http://Alieiswired.com ms.bieber

    Why is Justin bieber even posting that picture of him smoking weed.So now where kinda looking of his life so why is he even looking at that that supose to be private to see why r we even looking at that.I really luv justin bieber and i really wanna merry him.

  • Jennifer

    Hi again he’s so stuped for saying that.

  • http://Jennifer.Flores@ymail.com Jennifer

    Hi i think jb is so hotttttttttttttt.Also he is not dazzling at all.That means For example the sun is dazzling in the sky.

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    Hi and jb is sooooooooooooooooo not hotttttttttttttttt.Okay first of all he is gay and acts like he is a 17 year old man he must be faking.

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    thats not jb jb is blonde

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    i agreed with u will he is a bitch

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    wat happened to my other comment wtf

  • http://twiter Skylar

    I new it!He is a CRACKHEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!! I new I smelled weed at his consert!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My mom was right he is crazy! OMG I saw a pic. and a video of him,Miley,Lady gaga,and a boy named Will Waller all having sex togther!

  • http://Website hosanna

    omg that is so not true.I love love love love love love love love love love love love love justin and he would never do that

  • http://Website cheeries

    thats fake it doesnt even look like him so who ever did that made it all up!!!

  • http://Website justin biebers actual wife

    Justin bieber is way to HOT to smoke weed.and pluse its not a meth pipe or weed so don’t belive that CRAPE!!!!

  • Eann

    Wow… get a life, all you haters.
    Justin Bieber has talent, and there is nothing to hate him for, unless you make something to hate him for.
    I agree, I get annoyed by fan girls going crazy over him and all the hype he causes, but he is a human being, and he deserves nothing less than to be treated than a human being.
    Unless you people have real reasons to hate him other than “He sucks!” or “He smokes weed!” that are obviously untrue, your arguments will be and will stay invalid.

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    lol u guys r all haters leave him alone !!! :P

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    It’s funny because people are actually defending this abomination unto God of a person.

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    Yo all yall shouldn’t try and pack cuz yall just hatin and u aint nothin compared to justin. he’s sexy and gets more girls then all yall and could get more boys if he wanted to but he don’t cuz gay people go to hell and he is a child of god and loves jesus. IF JUSTIN COULDN’T SING HE WOULDN’T HAVE A RECORD DEAL RETARDONDOS!!!! SO YALL CAN KICK ROCKS!!!!

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    i love yew justin bieber you the best in the whole world your so hot and cute baby

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    Unbelievable. This far in his career and there were no assasination attempts yet?

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    In the photo, thats not even him!!!!!!!!! Geez ppl believe Anything!!

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    i love u so much why can u be like the other boys funny talted cute nice cool lolz

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    why does everyone keep saying justin bieber is a boy?

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    Just great another disney star sending their life into the dark abyss by smoking meth. not only is this the biggest problem. Since bieber has released somebudy to love the teen birth rate has gone up 13% this is ridiculous his music should be banned because it sucks and he is a bad influence to kids and teens in america.

  • http://Website person

    i think you got it wrong. that is not! a weed pipe thats a meth pipe. just so you know.

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    know wonder thats way he always looks high.

  • Jonathan Drewett

    It’s a spoon and he doesn’t even have his finger over the carb.. what a noob

  • Davoh

    Because no other musician in the history of ever smoked weed. Never ever never never ever.

    Did you guys also know you could OD from injecting to much pot in your system? It only takes 14 pots and you’re dead. True Fact.

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    forreal i wont to meet you and hang out and got shoping plzzz call me

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    guys, do you notice thats not him? seriously take a look. are you blind or retarded?? u think it looks like him cuz of the hair, so closed minded. all eleven year old boys have tht hair cut, figuratively speaking

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    not true number 1 fan