‘Free Lindsay’ Rally Was Just A Publicity Stunt

As Lindsay Lohan‘s skin gets paler in her jail cell, her tanning salon grows more upset.

Beach Bum Tanning Salon, allegedly where Lohan’s freckled skin gets its glow, held a “Free Lindsay” rally in New York City yesterday.

'Free Lindsay' Rally Was Just A Clever Publicity Stunt

The salon sent out a press release Monday to alert the media of the event:

The ceremony kicks off, Tuesday July 27, 2010 at 12 P.M. at the 239 7th Avenue salon location, with a press conference and ribbon tying ceremony. On display will be a prominent homemade Sign across the building saying “We love you Lindsay! Come home soon.”

The company announced they hope “the campaign will draw awareness to the harsh punishment inflicted on Lohan due to her celebrity status,” yet the rally appeared to be more than a publicity stunt, according to Crushable. I know, surprising.

'Free Lindsay' Rally Was Just A Publicity Stunt - Photo 2

With paid models situated in front of the salon in “Free Lohan” T-shirts hiked above their belly rings, the protesters hollered out weak chants and waved homemade signs that read “We miss you, Lindsay.”

Dante Fitzpatrick, the alleged “Airbrush Director” announced to onlookers that Lindsay is “just a really great girl. I think she gets a lot of bad press, a lot of bad hype because of her celebrity status, and we know her, like I said, she’s been coming here for ten years.”

Lindsay Lohan and Beach Bum are totally in this together — she’ll get some free tans in exchange.

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