Dakota Fanning’s Tom Munro Photoshoot Outtakes

Dakota Fanning glammed it up for “Vogue Italia” back in February, but since, her eyebrows are making a comeback in the form of these wonderful outtakes.

[images removed per request - 7/29 @ 8:48 AM]

She was photographed by Tom Munro right after she got done with the press tour for “The Runaways”. I love the black and white shots and truly, she’s maturing into a beautiful young lady. But, good God, look at those eyebrows. They are insanely dark and look strange given the tone of the photography.

In the first picture, she reminds me so much of Lauren Conrad. But those Zachary Quinto eyebrows are distracting me! What was I saying? Oh yes, I love the lacy dress that she’s wearing, but I fear I’d need a diet of water and air to fit into any of that ensemble she’s wearing.

Tres magnifique! What do you think?

[Click thumbnails for a larger view]

[images removed per request - 7/29 @ 8:48 AM]

source: [dakota-fanning.org]

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