Angelina Jolie Photos That Will Scare Brad?

Angelina Jolie may be the perfect picture of fashionable choices on the red carpet, but this picture shows the actress with nothing on, except for a little tape on her nipples and a cigarette hanging out of her mouth.

Angelina Jolie Photos That Will Scare Brad?

“Star” magazine makes it sound like Brad Pitt has no idea of Angie’s “heroin-filled” night or this little dog collar and nipple tape exploration. What Andrew Morton doesn’t know is that that’s probably the kind of stuff that attracted Brad away from Jennifer Aniston’s barren land of coked up sex and no babies.

“Star” magazine reports:

In one set, the now-mother of six has black tape over her nipples and a dog leash around her neck. Others show her during a 14-hour heroin-smoking bender.

“The photographs are a startling reminder to Angelina of a period in her life I’m sure she wants to forget, a shady piece of her history that she’s kept hidden away, even from Brad,” celebrity biographer Andrew Morton, author of Angelina: An Unauthorized Biography, tells Star in our cover story.

I really don’t think that this is explosive enough to tear up Brangelina. It’s not she’s blowing Billy Bob Thornton in the middle of a gangbang and sniffing coke off of a hooker’s thigh while little children watch. Brad’s probably seen the pics and he’s like, “Been there, done that”, so it’s all good.

Here’s Angelina prancing around Seoul, South Korea, pimping out “Salt” while wearing a Hefty bag…

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Angelina Jolie Photos That Will Scare Brad? Angelina Jolie Photos That Will Scare Brad? Angelina Jolie Photos That Will Scare Brad?

source: Angelina & Brad: The Photos That Will Tear Them Apart! – [star magazine]

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  • http://www.bertini-shoes.com/sunglasses.aspx?CategoryID=25 Heather

    A little more stylish than a hefty bag. But yeah, from a distance the comparison could be made.

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  • http://Website Mj

    Sounds to me somebody wants to stir up some mess. I am not a Angolina fan but that was really low!