Lindsay Lohan’s SCRAM Bracelet Goes Off

Uh oh! Someone’s got some ‘splaining to to…. Apparently, after Lindsay Lohan showed off her atrocious jumpsuit at the MTV Movie Awards, her SCRAM bracelet was flashing red…which could mean trouble for the recovering star.

Lindsay Lohan's SCRAM Bracelet Goes Off

Lindsay was at an awards show afterparty when her ankle monitoring device was sent information to the data center stating that she was consuming alcohol or she’d cut the strap. It’s still unclear which of these has happened, but the information will be transmitted to the courts.

Lindsay appeared to be smiling and/or tipsy in these photos, so it’s possible that she felt a little champagne wouldn’t hurt as she got jealous at her fellow partiers. Either way, this could prove to be a real problem for the starlet. Also, if she didn’t make it back to the base in time, that information also gets sent to the courts.

I think her lawyer is going to go with the “someone spilled a keg of beer on her foot” excuse, because it could work and she probably drinks like a fish. We’ll see what happens when the judge gets the report. The judge could decide to revoke her bail if she is deemed to be in violation of the terms of her probation.

One thing’s for sure, it’s not like we didn’t see this one coming a mile away, right?

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Lindsay Lohan's SCRAM Bracelet Goes Off Lindsay Lohan's SCRAM Bracelet Goes Off Lindsay Lohan's SCRAM Bracelet Goes Off

source: Lindsay Lohan’s SCRAM Bracelet Is Set Off – [people]

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