Helen Mirren Nude Bathtub Photos For NY Magazine

Helen Mirren is 64-years-old and she’s still fierce! Girlfriend isn’t shy at all! In a new spread for “New York Magazine”, Helen let it all hang out!

Helen Mirren Nude Bathtub Photos For NY Magazine

In promoting her new movie, “Love Ranch”, Helen has decided to take it all off – and pose for this nude bathtub photo shoot. Helen has signed up to play Grace Botempo in the flick, which will see her take on the role of a madam at a brothel.

NY Magazine reports:

Interesting is probably underselling Grace. Diagnosed with cancer and frustrated with an epically sleazy husband (Joe Pesci), Mirren’s madam begins a hot love affair with a beefy boxer 30 years her junior, played with abundant smolder by Spanish newcomer Sergio Peris-Mencheta. “He’s got a fabulous big-animal thing in that sort of raw, brutish, ugly-beautiful way,” says Mirren, who shares a steamy, and, because it’s her, entirely plausible love scene with Peris-Mencheta. In addition, she makes dick jokes, stomps on the throat of a misbehaving prostitute, and presides over the brothel with such swagger that Pesci shouts, “Who do ya think you are, the queen of f*ckin’ England?” Well, yes.

I love it! The movie is based off of the real life Mustang Ranch, which is located in Nevada. Her husband, Taylor Hackford is directing the movie and for research, he wanted her to visit the Ranch, but she refused.

She said, “I said, ‘Read my lips: I’m not going to spend a night in a brothel.’  It’s amazing how quickly you get into dildos everywhere and pink-feather handcuffs. Within an hour you’re completely used to it.”

NSFW photo of Helen’s bathtub shot, after the jump!

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