Does Justin Bieber Have Syphilis?

No, no and a thousand times NO. Sixteen-year-old singer extraordinaire Justin Bieber is rumored to have contracted Syphilis. Before you get grossed out and your Bieber Fever meter plummets, I can assure you, the boy is not diseased.

At least not yet, anyways.

Does Justin Bieber Have Syphilis?

Some nefarious evildoer started the rumor earlier today that Justin had sex with some skanky girl who gave him the STD. We’re not sure of the source of said rumor, but it was also going around this weekend that he’d died. In other words, unless his ghost was on the beach with Kim Kardashian, you can be rest assured that he doesn’t have penis cooties.

I can’t say for sure how long he’ll last with Kim and his un-diseased status, but only time will tell with that. You can go on dreaming about your “One Time” with your “Baby” and we’ll be on top of Bieber news when it comes in.

But, unless his representative comes right out and says Justin been infected by some hoe, then I’m not buying it. Kudos to the rumor monger for making this one up, it really takes the cake. But, it did get everyone’s attention, but for all of the wrong reasons. Poor Bieber for dying and getting Syphilis, all in one day.

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Does Justin Bieber Have Syphilis? Does Justin Bieber Have Syphilis? Does Justin Bieber Have Syphilis?

source: Justin Bieber Syphilis Rumors – [hollywood dame]

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