Tila Tequila Cites ‘The Onion’ As A Source For Drew Barrymore Story

OMG you guys! Tila Tequila found herself an exclusive!! It was all about Drew Barrymore’s autobiography coloring book.

Tila Tequila Cites 'The Onion' As A Source For Drew Barrymore Story

After watching the video on “The Onion”, Tila opted to make Drew’s coloring book her “inside scoop”:

Drew Barrymore’s New Tell-All Coloring Book Hits Shelves

Drew supposedly revealed all about her drug addictions, sexuality and weight struggles in this new, captivating tell-all!

Tila cited the story here, but has since taken it down after her “haters” rallied on Twitter.

This is just too funny. She is truly “special”.

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