Michael Jackson Does Not Approve

Remember when Michael Jackson would walk around with his kids in tow? How he would put masks and blankets over their faces? Well, he would not approve of this mess if he were around today. Am I wrong?

Michael Jackson Does Not Approve

The King of Pop wanted his children shielded from the paparazzi so that he could give them as normal of a life as possible. Now that he has passed away, some nefarious hacker has gotten into their Facebook and Photobucket accounts and have posted the following two videos.

One features Paris Jackson saying, “Monkey please help”:

Another shows Blanket acting out scenes from “Star Wars”:

Pop Eater reports:

According to the owner of the Youtube channel that these videos were posted on, “Some ‘fans’ got into one family member account (Facebook and Photobucket) and posted them on the Web. I have been told the account was public and then made private.”

They are cute kids, but I don’t think Michael would have wanted this. Whoever got into their accounts has violated their privacy. But, on the other hand, it’s good to know from a fan’s point of view, that the children are doing well and acting like any other normal kids their ages.

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Michael Jackson Does Not Approve Michael Jackson Does Not Approve Michael Jackson Does Not Approve

source: Once Isolated, Michael Jackson’s Kids Are Now on YouTube – [pop eater]

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  • http://Website krianne thomasson

    ummmmm. yeah i think Blanket is o.k……..Paris…..idk i dont know any kid my or his age that would say money please help 2 a camera……weird!!!!