Angelina Jolie Had A Miscarriage

Brad Pitt has already said that he wants a soccer team of kids with his partner Angelina Jolie. Apparently, they’ve been trying — unsuccessfully.

Angelina Jolie Had A Miscarriage

The duo already have six kids in their rainbow nation, but have been trying for six months to add another to the mix.

Reportedly, Angelina suffered a miscarriage at the beginning of the year and has been unable to get pregnant again. A source said, “It’s been really hard for Angie lately, especially because of all the speculation that she is pregnant. Every time she sees another headline like that it just adds to her grief that she can’t seem to conceive. She got pregnant so quickly with Shiloh and the twins when she decided she wanted another child, she thought it would happen immediately.”

Now, Angelina is sick over the thought that she can’t get pregnant again. The spy adds, “The early miscarriage was just awful for her and since the, she hasn’t fallen pregnant – now she’s worried she never will again.”

Her doctor told her that she is fit enough for another baby and said that there’s no fathomable reason why she can’t conceive again. She has even changed her diet to try to have another little Jolie-Pitt. Rumor has it, that she’s even thinking about fertility treatment.

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Angelina Jolie Had A Miscarriage Angelina Jolie Had A Miscarriage Angelina Jolie Had A Miscarriage

source: Ange’s baby loss – [grazia]

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angelina | May 21st, 2010

That’s so riduculous!!!! She just had 2 beautiful babies, and if she wants more then she will be SUCCESSFUL again! What a f*cking idiot who wrote this.

alex | May 21st, 2010

A.miscarriage? Really? What exactly is wrong with you fools. Who believes this trips? As if some unknown website would know any of this couple’s business …letter alone something as painful as a miscarriage. And if this story were even 1000 miles close to the truth (which we all know it’s not, as Angelina has proven to be a very fertile woman) shy then would you feel it necessary to splash what would obviously be a very painful and private experience on the web? Pathetic. Leave these two alone. You people are always touting how Rob and Kristen are gaining on Brangelina’s fame, so why not stalk and write nonsense about them.

PDA Break | May 21st, 2010

This is sad to hear that she had a miscarriage. I guess it is back to the drawing board

nina | May 22nd, 2010

Total B-shit. How could she want to be pregnant knowing she had to be fit for shooting of the Tourist?? Sick of tabs creeping on brangelina. High time to leave them alone!! As Alex said go write on Rob and Kristen for more buicks??

Jesse | May 22nd, 2010

She didn’t have a miscarriage. It’s another ploy for sypathy due to all the bad press lately. Trust me, if she had a miscarriage, we would have heard about it the time it happened. She’s an attention wh0re. This would have came out a while ago, not convieniently when she is about to promote a movie *rolls eyes*. Please.

[...] Angelina Jolie is said to have suffered a miscarriage earlier this year – Allie is Wired [...]

[...] Angelina Jolie is said to have suffered a miscarriage earlier this year – Allie is Wired [...]

hopeso | May 22nd, 2010


[...] Apparently Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt would be having another child right about now – if Angie hadn’t lost it. Angelina Jolie Had A Miscarriage – Allie Is Wired [...]

Orange Citrus | July 27th, 2011

not only did Angelina steal Brad away from Jennifer during the movie Mr and Mrs Smith. she in her past stole Billy Bob Thorton from actress Laura Dern. don’t know if ya’ll remember but Laura was engaged to Billy Bob himself before that Angelina Jolie stole him away. she needs to grow up and find a man on her own that ain’t married nor engaged. run brad run!