Rihanna’s Lesbian Lover Gets Same Tattoo – Photo

After performing in Frankfurt, Germany on April 23rd, Rihanna and her best girlfriend were snapped arriving hand in hand at the concert’s afterparty. Melissa apparently got a tattoo matching Rihanna’s, which says, “never a failure, always a lesson” on her inner arm.

Rihanna's Lesbian Lover Gets Same Tattoo - Photo

It’s the same tattoo that Rihanna got a couple of months ago on her chest. She claimed that the words are her life’s motto, and had them inked backwards on herself so that she could read them in a mirror.

Rihanna's Lesbian Lover Gets Same Tattoo - Photo

Of the bisexual rumors, Rihanna has previously said, “All humans are born with the ability to be attracted to both sexes. I mean, I could see myself in a relationship with a girl.”

Here’s a closeup of Melissa’s tattoo:

Rihanna's Lesbian Lover Gets Same Tattoo - Photo

Do you think there is more going on here than just two friends hanging out? What do you think?

source: Pictures: Rihanna Arriving at Party in Frankfurt – [rihanna daily]

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  • http://Website perez h

    no rihanna is not a lesbo
    trust me everybody knows that , that is just her Bff and she got a tat to be like her friend duh!!!!

  • http://Website me

    i don’t hold my friends’ hands

  • http://Website Name

    Who Cares…

  • http://Website Anonymous

    WHO gives a rats ASS , REALLY?

  • http://Website Tony

    Who cares??????????????????
    Ri looks manly, like Prince, anyway. She’s probablly still f**king cb….lololol

  • http://aol lexusrojo1

    Who cares?

  • LT

    No, I dont think anything is amidst. If you look at the women closely, they actually look related.

    Second, I hold my friends hand…especially if I am in a difficult situation….could it be simply comfort ie support?

    Last, if she and this person are having a relationship, who’s business is it really?

  • http://Website LT


    Cant a woman have a really close female friend without being called a lesbian? I have to agree with Perez….maybe yall they are just good friends…BFF’s

  • http://Website diamond

    who cares what she does after beating up her ex and then fingering him as abusive – go girl!

  • http://Website ordinary guy

    so what if she likes women does that make her a bad person. she’s not hurting or harming anyone

  • Burbon21@aol.com

    Haha..she’s not a lesbo moron..she’s Bi, and she’s said it herself.

  • http://Website Pam

    Voyeurism is unhealthy. Fix your own shyte before you look into somebody else’s. No wonder this place is such a cesspool. Look at the types of people who inhabit the place?

  • http://Website mel

    me and my best friend have matching tattoos. i also hold hands with my best friends too just as a joke and i am not a lesbian. or bisexual. so i dont think anything is going on.

  • Cathy

    R u serious girl hold hands all the time around the world just the usa is so prone on sexuality that everything has to be perverse. grow up just bff

  • http://Website FROSTBYTE FALLS


  • http://NETZERO Money Boy

    Eatin’ ain’t cheatin’

  • lore

    can’t stand her

  • http://www.hincity.com/tina_marie Tina

    SO WHAT??! leave her alone! There are so many other celebs/ people who have came out and confessed if they were bi or gay. And even still, there is nothing to be all “OMG OMG!” about when they fess up. That’s like insulting someone because they like bacon, and you don’t, for example. Back off.

  • http://Website fred

    what if two guys were holding hands!!!

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  • http://Website Allison

    jeez they automatically think shes a lesbo cuz shes holding hands with her BEST FRIEND. so what? they r just having a good time. they aren’t freakin lesbos

  • http://Website King Boo

    Bleeech, she’s fug. Tries too hard. Tats look like poop on black chicks.

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  • http://Website lisa

    well if your holding your best friend hand in public your most likely to become a lesbo!

  • http://Website T


    1) i kiss and hold hands with my best friend, and we have matching tattoos. she is like my sister.
    2) they both have super long nails. Just NO
    3) this is bullshit

  • http://Website nexy

    Pls… what a comments… Who cares if she’s bisexual, straight or a lesbian… her music stays te same, that’s the only thing that matters…

    junder dikke burgerfretters zijn ook echt lichtjes bekrompen wi…

  • http://Website stranger

    rihana sucks

  • http://Website Bob

    U knw I’m a lesbo so I don’t appreciate having people go “no She’s not a lesbian !” as though it would be such a horrible thing for her to b…I heart Riri and I think she is amazing…a hundred points if she ‘s from my nick of the woods.haha

  • http://Website Vuvuzela

    Who cares?beat it.

  • http://Website Vuvuzela

    Aah bullshit i don’t gv a shit 2 knw whetha she is a lesbo or not. Dis tea mo vid its a self explanatory n i respct her decision. Beat it n leave her 2b.

  • chaka catherine

    and so what if she is….who knows…its sweeter that way

  • QT

    Her video “Te Amo” explains it all. Only a homo would do a video nd write lyrics like that.

  • http://Website Name

    Leave her b. @kingboo, u just a racist

  • http://Website Anonymous

    I hope she is:) hehehe

  • http://Website Name terina

    If she is a les,so what . Riri is good is all dat matters.

  • http://Website Name

    who cares if she is or not….but if she is …swwwweeeetttt

  • http://Website Name

    who cares rihanna is still an amazing singer!!!! She freakin rocks the world!!! If she is her fans shud not care if they really are her fans. And yes i sometimes hold my friends hand and iam not a lesbian!!!

  • Taylor

    Rihanna is not GAY or a Lesbian!!!!

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  • http://carrie.symphonize.org Carrie

    Rihanna may be a lesbian, or she may be straight – no one knows but her. I still adore her music :)

    Plus I’ve been in a same sex relationship for 6 years now and I’m very happy.

    If you don’t have anything nice to say please don’t comment!

  • http://beezy.baby6@gmail.com Artwork

    Ima light skin female stud tatted up. I do agree w/ Carrie if y’all can’t say anything but negativity kill yah self. I’m nt one dha judge but if she ilz she ilz if she ant she ant dhatz her fkn bidness y’all git sum bidness bowt yah self.

  • http://rihannaandlesbiangirlfriend princy

    dat some dum shit god made man for woman and the other way around. he destroy a who city for dat. you jus nasty.