Mischa Barton’s Beautiful Life

Oh honey, no!

Mischa Barton was out and about, dressed like this. Showing off her flabby belly, Barton was spotted hitting up a local Starbucks coffee shop in Los Angeles yesterday afternoon.

Mischa Barton's Beautiful Life

Mischa should probably rethink that Starbucks, eh?

source: Mischa Barton’s Belly-Baring Blouse [celebrity-gossip]

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  • http://Website sara

    It’s headlines and comments like yours (“flabby belly”) that encourage women and girls to feel bad about their bodies no matter how large or small they are. Why can’t people have respect for others and leave this beautiful woman alone???? She is MORE than her outer shell!

  • http://Website Sara

    She looks a mess. but she doesn’t look flabby in the middle.

  • http://Website Really?

    If this is flabby? I would love to see you! Must be bones or else?! Wrong outfit, too tight, but not flabby!

  • Christine

    Seriously? You consider that flabby?

  • caroline

    seriously? lots of women would kill to look like her. you must be one of the most beautiful women in the world to be able to throw around judgements like that!

  • Dooky

    Not fat/flabby what-so-ever!

  • http://Website Cherrygurl

    She may look a little messy and unkept, but she doesn’t look fat. It’s a poor choice of clothing. She is not fat she is normal.

  • http://Website Name

    i think she looks really attractive better than her being skinny shes got curves beautiful. i say keep the curves i would mind my girl looking like her maybe change the clothes a bit but id have her however she looks and that snot because of her money

  • http://Website Name

    i meant i wouldnt mind my girl looking like that SORRY

  • http://Website Name

    i meant i wouldnt mind my girl looking like that