Lady Gaga Staff Member Steals From Her

A self proclaimed less than major fan of Lady Gaga, who also worked as a crew member for Gaga’s concert in Wollongong, Australia, not only exposed and violated the pop singer — but they also snatched her itinerary!

Working on some new tunes, Lady GaGa was spotted heading into a recording studio in Sydney, Australia today (April 8).

Working on some new tunes, Lady GaGa was spotted heading into a recording studio in Sydney, Australia today (April 8).

The crew member posted the information on the LiveJournal community, ONTD, and gave a detailed account of the contents in her dressing room and various stage props.

I worked as a crew member for a Gaga concert in Wollongong, Australia a couple of days ago and it was quite an experience. Out of like 50 people a friend and I was hand chosen by one of her handlers to help her assistants to set up Gaga’s dressing room.

Lady Gaga's White Leather Couches

He then described her 20 wardrobe cases located in the hall (some of which were open) and admitted to stalkerishly touching several items.

Providing a photo of a large stage prop that he was instructed to help set up, he noted, “I got a photo of it on the truck but got cursed at by the homophobic hillbilly in charge.”

Then the temporary crew member admitted to stealing her itinerary, which he took photos of and also posted online.

When we actually started the shift we snuck back down the hallways to where we knew her dressing room was and it was a mess with a violet colored piece of paper that I just had to eavesdrop on. And to my amazement it was Gaga’s itinerary for her stay in Australia, So I kinda maybe stole it. None of her staff was there anymore so it’s all good. it has everything she’s doing for the next week or so, including addresses of hotels, times she leaving to do stuff, etc. (it also includes a lot of studio time)

[editors note: I've blocked out all times, and phone numbers]

[images have been removed by request - can be seen HERE]

This is the part that I find to be out of line and a bit creepy. Yes, the singers time of departure to the airport and flight times were blocked out… but the rest wasn’t.

Don’t you think she has enough stalkers? Shouldn’t she be able to trust the people she hires?

source: [ONTD]

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  • http://Website bigmac13313

    did you notice on the second itinerary that it says call with Steven Klein? and there were rumors of him directing the Alejandro video

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  • Dani

    can you please tell me what time she arrived at venue on wednesday cause we waited there all day for her!

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  • http://twitter.com/leXiFoXimonster alexia reese

    okay whoever stole her info like that is so messed up. I love lady gaga and she needs her privacy. Its crazy how people are so conniving. You can’t trust anyone for nothing. omg. I want to slap this bitch who did this to her.

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  • http://Website Matt

    alexia reese were you kidding with that “Lady Gaga needs her privacy” comment? You’re talking about a person whose entire career was purposely built around paparazzi, gossip and media over exposure. Last thing that woman wants is privacy, I wouldn’t be surprised if this “stalker” is being paid by her to leak the story and gain her even more time in the tabloids.

  • dvargas76

    She’s a freak, noone that wears all that crazy crap could actually be comfortable, personally or publicly. That’s what is getting her the money, she’s not very talented, her voice isn’t great, she’s mediocre at best, it’s the freak look that is getting her anywhere.

  • http://AllieisWired Josh

    Then you should go far……you FREAK!!!!

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  • 1986

    What the hell, Allie is wired? YOU did not block out the dates etc. The person that this article is about that that HIMSELF. You are making him look WAY worse.

  • http://allieiswired.com Allie

    He blocked out the times on the last day only… the images I had up, they were ALL blocked by myself. I have since taken the itinerary images down, per the request of some outfit in Australia that blocks piracy.

  • http://Website lena

    Josh, she may not be very talented, but at least she has some.
    I can’t say that for many huge pop stars around nowadays.
    And personally, I think her voice is beautiful. She’s no Christina Aguilera, but the girl can sing. But hey, that’s just my opinion (:

    And as for this story, I don’t even think it’s much of a big deal. Any major fan would’ve probably done the same thing.