Nadya Suleman Doesn’t Pay Her Bills

Nadya Suleman is facing eviction, after not paying off her expensive home in La Habra, California.

Nadya Suleman Doesn't Pay Her Bills

Apparently, Amer Haddadin sold the home to Nadya’s father, Ed Suleman, he agreed to carry the $450,000 loan for the home for one year. The Sulemans agreed to pay a lease of $4,139 per month until they could afford a substantial enough down payment.

Nadya hadn’t paid the last three payments on time, and Amer is still awaiting this month’s payment as well as the mortgage payoff. She and her litter of 14 kids are now facing eviction.

It’s funny that news cameras have been swarming her home, trying to get a comment out of her. But, she has chosen this time to keep her fat lips shut.

source: Octuplets mother Nadya Suleman, children could be evicted from La Habra home – [la times]

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