Jake Gyllenhaal Sues DrunkenStepfather Over Rumored Bar Incident

Apparently one of the bloggers at DrunkenStepfather.com made some snide comments to Jake Gyllenhaal that caused him to go nuts on a girl at a bar….reportedly.

Jake Gyllenhaal Sues DrunkenStepfather Over Bar Brawl Comments

The blogger said that he asked Jake’s date this question, “Hey isn’t that they guy who kissed Heath Ledger?” This comment was said to set Jake off, to which he reportedly started screaming and throwing his arms up in the air.

DrunkenStepfather reports:

I laughed but the bouncers didn’t so I got escorted out after I had to pay my bill…the girl I was with was stuck inside where Gyllanhaal decided to take out his anger on her….by pushing her into the table at least 10 times before his crew held him back…cuz clearly beats girls….

The party went down at a club in Montreal called Garde Manger. Now, Jake is lawyering up over the comments, stating that he’s taking legal action immediately.

E-Online reports:

Seriously can’t say we blame Gyllenhaal’s heated reaction. “Isn’t that the guy who killed Heath Ledger?” Not a funny joke, dude. We wish punches were thrown. As for this girl who was supposedly caught in the crossfire? Onlookers tell us “there were a bunch of girls” there but “no one was shoved or hurt.”

What do you think happened?

source: Jake Gyllenhaal is a faggot of the day – [drunken stepfather]

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  • http://Website Jinxy

    What a horrible thing to say to anyone, did the blogger think Jake would think it was funny?

    Drunken Stepfather isn’t funny or interesting, or well written. I guess starting a problem with a celeb who is always going to be better, richer and classier made him feel like a big man. Out on the sidewalk where his girlfriend left him to stay in the club – he sounds like a bitter little bitch and nothing more.

  • http://allwomenstalk.com All Women Stalker

    Another blogger exaggerating to keep readers hooked.

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  • http://Website Anne

    That guy is a total liar. I don’t believe Jake pushed a girl. DS is a loser looking for attention.

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  • http://Website Kidunce

    What does that little fish from Montreal has to gain by going on confronting a big head from Hollywood with some story that would easily bring him in court?
    If we from the nobody crowd yell at bouncers to get someone out, I’d bet we’d be the one out.
    Should we believe what PR/lawyers and their echo say, even once?

  • http://Website Amyl

    Is it kissed or killed? Makes a huge difference.

  • William

    According to DS is ‘killed’, not kissed.

  • http://Website stevestoltz

    please drunkun basturd stepdad go to church like all the other church mice it can teach you all you need to know and to live a good holsome life before life blows up in your face

  • http://Website Desiree

    I think it hilarious.. why so serioius Jake, your the dork who took the role and didn’t you think people would tease you after about it.. truthfully, every time I see jake Gyllenhol.. i cannot get it out of my head how he was the little girl who took it up the arse.. and because of this I have desire to see any movies he makes.

    It has nothing to do w/him being secretly gay but to play a man part in any movie.. such as “prince of Persia” is wrong.. he does not exude any manliness.. he only gets these parts just because he but fucks hollywood elite…

  • http://Website ExpletiveBMP

    You’re all so sad; do you air out jake’s undies after he farts to? ya losers.