Adam Lambert To Release Guyliner For Men

It’s no secret that Adam Lambert has a fetish for guyliner and glitter. Now, we’ve learned that the singer is planning on releasing his own line of makeup for men.

Adam Lambert To Release Guyliner For Men

Yes, this is real life…and yes, this is really happening.

Janet Charlton reports:

American Idol legend Adam Lambert has good reason to defend his lavish use of eye make-up. He’s currently working on his own line of make-up for adventurous men. He feels even straight guys are likely to experiment with cosmetics. (Dave Navarro comes to mind.) The line doesn’t stop at guyliner – it will also feature everything from foundation, concealer, shadow, mascara, and lip gloss, to nail polish.

So, I have to ask. Do you know any adventurous men that are willing to slab on the makeup for us? I think normal, straight guys should rock the lip gloss and nail polish. That would be wonderful weird.

Bonus: Here’s what Adam looks like without any makeup on and ginger:

Adam Lambert To Release Guyliner For Men

What do you think? Is he going to far in his quest to appear edgy?

source: WOULD YOU BUY ADAM LAMBERT’S MAKE-UP FOR MEN? – [janet charlton's hollywood]

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  • http://Website Winter

    Hell yes he will sell the stuff! I know lots of guys who are looking for stuff for a night out on the town and hair coloring products to get ahead at work. We don’t want to have all of that grey defeating us when we are suppose to keep up with the youngsters. Hair color and some foundation might help. Friends say that one tone skin color makes you appear younger, more youthful and stronger. In this economy we need all the help we can get.

  • http://Website Tara

    Given that he was on Leno specifically saying this was rumor, where is he quoted saying that it is now in the works?

  • http://Website chocola

    wow I think I’ll buy all those items for eyes! I want to do my eyes like Adam! yay! LOL

  • http://Website verycd

    I think I really appreciate his talent and his taste in fashion. Hopefully he could create some true works so that we could get inspired.

  • http://Website umm

    FALSE. This was a rumor he debunked months ago and said if he ever DID start a line it would be Unisex.

  • http://Website …………..

    LOL THAT PHOTO HAS BEEN PHOTOSHOPPED ALLIE. The original hair in that is brown. This is what he looked like in his Wicked days.


  • http://allieiswired.com Allie

    Hmm… well I think he made a HOT Ginge!

  • http://Website Blondiegrrl

    Why did you Photoshop that picture? Adam’s hair was dark brown in the REAL pic. He hasn’t been a redhead (more like blondish red or reddish blonde) in nearly 10 years. Couldn’t you find one of those pics instead? It would have been more honest. (And accurate, as that Photoshop job isn’t quite his natural haircolor.)

  • http://allieiswired.com Allie

    For the record, we didn’t photoshop anything — the image was found via Google search, we thought it was funny. Lighten up!

  • http://Website Dina

    I like the black hair better. Though the ginger suits his coloring. I never cared for red hair on a guy though. A quote from Adam when asked why he dyes his hair “Opie doesn’t rock n roll”. I thought that was so funny but so true.
    I know a some guys in the teens and very early 20′s who are straight and do the makeup stuff. Actually, the only men that I know who wear makeup are straight. Usually singers and some actors and a couple of acquaintances.

  • http://Website Tagrid

    Allie – if you didn’t photoshop this then someone else did. But there IS a photo out there of Adam with deep reddish hair. I’ve seen it on a video – and it’s beautiful! I know his natural color is more strawberry blonde, but I’d love to see him go to a deep copper color. Besides his Opie comment, which WAS funny, he really needs to rethink his black dye – cuz Ginger Baker certainly DID rock out – and with VERY RED HAIR!

  • http://Website Tagrid

    BTW – I’ll believe this when Adam announces it – without his approval – it’s RUMOR – and he’s said it’s not true.

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  • http://allieiswired.com Allie

    @ Tagrid, “LOL” – let’s not forget Shaun White, the rocking gold medalist! ha!

  • http://Website Jeff56

    Adam is constantly mis-quoted, and articles about him are not only unfair, but total untruths at times, what is your source , or is this yet another ploy to draw in readers…please give specifics..and factual information. Not so much to ask..thanks.

  • http://none priscela

    love to buy adam lambert makeup; lipsstick and lip gloss. unisex perhaps.?men and women cna use make up yoo.

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  • http://Website M. Hayes

    I think that just because it will be for men, doesn’t mean women may buy his mascara and what not. I think Adam is different cuz he wants to stand out, and his makeup often ROCKS!!

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